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To the editor:

The Jasper Chamber of Commerce works with businesses, merchants and industry to advance the civic, economic, industrial, professional and cultural life in the City of Jasper.

Chambers of Commerce have contributed to the economic life of Indiana for more than a century — and the Jasper Chamber of Commerce and its members provide citizens with a strong business environment that increases employment, the retail trade and commerce, and industrial growth in order to make Jasper, Indiana and Dubois County a great place to live.

This year marks the 65th anniversary of the Jasper Chamber of Commerce. Incorporated in 1954, the Jasper Chamber encourages the growth of existing industries, services and commercial businesses and encourages new firms and individuals to locate in our city.

The Jasper Chamber is holding its annual meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 17.

As many companies continue to struggle through some difficult times, owners and employees are asking themselves how they can help their business. Joining the Jasper Chamber of Commerce could be the answer they are looking for.

By joining the Jasper Chamber, you make connections to possible clients, new business relationships and to your own town.  If a member makes a request of the Jasper Chamber, there are outlets and resources to connect them with to find an answer. That is the one great benefit of having a local chamber of commerce. The Jasper Chamber is local and knows the businesses and the community.

The Jasper Chamber not only connects businesses to other businesses, the chamber connects its members to valuable community resources and information that is essential to maintaining a business. It’s a one-stop shop for business success. If you utilize the chamber’s assets:  the chamber, the business and the community all succeed. You can be part of this very active Chamber of Commerce — always in tune with its members and always seeking ways to improve the business climate of this area. The chamber has ties to the Small Business Development Center, Indiana WorkOne, the Better Business Bureau, Indiana Main Street, Radius Indiana and many other agencies throughout Indiana.

The Jasper Chamber partners with other organizations to provide programs and projects on a variety of topics. The goal of these programs is to update members on “hot topics” and give those members an opportunity to meet one another. Networking is key to communicating and the chamber encourages members to host and attend a Time Out From Business (after-hours networking event) and to become a Chamber Ambassador.

The Jasper Chamber is the first place many people come when they arrive in Jasper and Dubois County.  Some of the services provided are:  information, directions, maps, relocation packets, workshops, small business planning, tourist information, census and other statistical data, apartment and rental information, brochures, and various lists and information.

The hamber website is a great resource for those moving here, those living here and those doing business here. Each member has a separate “page” of their own on this website.

Visit this site at

Being a member of the Jasper Chamber of Commerce    it’s just the right thing to do!

—Nancy Eckerle, executive director
—Brian Hostetter, board president
Jasper Chamber of Commerce

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