Honor legacy of Americans who died on D-Day

To the editor:

Last summer my husband, our daughter, and I visited the American Cemetery in Normandy, France. There are over 9,300 Americans buried there who all died on D-Day or shortly thereafter. They died trying to defeat a power crazy dictator who thought his regime would live for 1,000 years. Less than a year after their deaths, that piece of human vermin’s smoking corpse was lying in a crudely dug pit after killing himself with a bullet to his twisted brain.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about those dead Americans. I’ve been thinking how terrified they must have been, but were still willing to do their duty to save the world for freedom. I’ve also been wondering what they would think about what’s happening in the United States today. I’ve been wondering how they would feel about the way today’s American citizens — including our Senator Mike Braun — are acting like modern day Neville Chamberlains, appeasing another petty, vain, power crazy wannabe dictator who has no respect for their sacrifice and no understanding of the ideals they died for. He contemptuously calls them “losers” and “suckers.”

Donald Trump and his co-conspirators have spent the last four years planning how to keep him in power for as long as he lives ... not just four more years. He’s determined to be president for life and will do anything necessary to accomplish his goal. He openly admits he plans to steal the 2020 election while trying to make it look legal. Remember that Adolf Hitler came to power legally in 1933, and we know the horrors he inflicted on the world after that. The only chance to stop Trump’s power grab is an overwhelming defeat for him on November 3rd.

Do not allow the sacrifice of those 9,300+ souls in Normandy to be in vain. Honor the legacy they left us and vote to defeat tyranny. As Joe Biden says, this truly is a fight for the soul of America.

— Maggie Birge

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