Homesteads can still submit history for upcoming book

By Herald Staff

Out of Indiana’s 92 counties, over one-third so far have seen at least one Hoosier Homestead farm submit their farm history for the upcoming coffee table book, "Hoosier Homestead Farms - Honoring Farm Legacy" that’s being published in partnership with the ISDA and the Hoosier Homestead Program, but more are needed.

“Whether your county has over 100 Hoosier Homestead farms, or it has just a handful, we need every one of the nearly 6,000 Hoosier Homestead farms to submit their farm history for this book,” said Linda Forler, director of the Hoosier Homestead Program. “This book will only be as good as how many farm histories it receives, and every farm that has been awarded the Hoosier Homestead distinction needs to send in their farm history and represent not just your family, but also your county.”

If you own a farm that’s been recognized as one of the nearly 6,000 Hoosier Homestead Farms, you can submit a free 300-word history of your farm and a photo for the book. Your farm history and photo are included in the book regardless of whether you purchase a copy or not.

Information you should include — year the farm started, how many generations have worked/owned it, crops grown, places you sell your crops, year your farm was inducted as a Hoosier Homestead Farm, etc. You can also visit the publisher’s website,, and find the Hoosier Homestead book cover on the front page and fill out your farm history from there.

“One of the great things about farming in Indiana is different crops are grown in different parts of the state, giving us a very diverse farming and agriculture community statewide,” Forler said. “This book will provide Indiana farmers a great glimpse into farming in other regions of the state through the farm histories that are submitted. Don’t let your Hoosier Homestead Farm be left out!”

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