Holland Kiwanis Club

The Holland Kiwanis Club held their meeting at the Holland American Legion on Thursday September 9th. President Lynn Kahle called the meeting to order. President Kahle noted that the flat tire on the Kiwanis Ice Cream trailer had been fixed and it was ready for cleaning in preparation of the upcoming Holland Fest. President Kahle also passed around the worksheet for the upcoming Huntingburg Herbstfest.  

In addition President Kahle passed out the worksheets for the Holland Fest which will begin on September 17th. Secretary Brenda Kahle outlined the supplies she has ordered in addition to the supplies she and Sharon Springston are picking up next week. President Kahle then brought to the floor the matter of the upcoming Kiwanis dues which is due by October 1st. The matter of dues were discussed and questions were answered. President Kahle noted that the program for the day was to be held by Bruce Dougan who was unable to present. President Kahle noted that Mr. Dougan had conducted a survey among members of the Holland Kiwanis Club. In the survey he asked 23 questions Examples of the questions were what decade were you born? In what month were you born? What school did you graduate from? What is your favorite NFL and MLB team? Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Mr. Dougan compiled the answers and compiled a spreadsheet through Excel. It gave everyone a picture of the club members based on the questions in the survey. A short question and answer session was held and the meeting was then adjourned.

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