Holland Kiwanis Club

The Holland Kiwanis Club met at the Holland American Legion on Thursday, Aug. 19. President Lynn Kahle called the meeting to order. After the Pledge of Allegiance, a prayer, and the singing of "My Country Tis of Thee," President Kahle informed members that Dave Springston was checking out the freezers in the ice cream trailer after the meeting. With the Holland Fest rapidly approaching, President Kahle noted that the worksheet would be available for signup at the next meeting.

President Kahle noted that a tire had been obtained by Joe Ellis for replacement on the ice cream trailer.

President Kahle informed members that the Holland Fest Committee had asked that the Kiwanis Club remove their items stored in the windmill so they can prepare for the upcoming Holland Fest. President Kahle noted that three or four members would be needed next week to move these items. It would be discussed on where the items could be stored and members would be contacted next week for assistance.

With no further business, President Kahle announced that his program for the day had to cancel and he would be improvising for the program material. President Kahle gave a behind-the-scenes look at strange and humorous things that had occurred during his 43 years of being in the insurance business. President Kahle touched on a variety of subject matter including the time he was in the back of his office on his computer and the door mysteriously opened. Peering into the darkness, Kahle saw no one but suddenly Huntingburg resident Ray Kissling's Dalmatian dog came roaring around the desk and jumped into his lap, followed by a laughing Ray Kissling who thoroughly enjoyed scaring Mr. Kahle.

A short question-and-answer session followed and the meeting was then adjourned.

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