Holland Kiwanis Club

HOLLAND — The Holland Kiwanis Club met Aug. 22 at the American Legion Post 343. Vice President Lynn Kahle called the meeting to order. Vice President Kahle informed the members that a request had been made by the Holland Elementary PTO for a donation for its upcoming fall festival. The request was approved.

Vice President Kahle reported that work on the Holland Windmill was progressing thanks to members Jerry Wibbeler and Dave Springston. Vice President Kahle turned the meeting over to Kenny Peacock who introduced his speaker of the day, Kelly Murphy.

Murphy addressed the members informing them that today he was speaking as transportation director for the Southwest Dubois County School Corp. Murphy noted that monthly meetings are held at the Schnitzelbank Restaurant with all area schools’ transportation directors to discuss various subjects affecting their schools. Last year, a key subject dealt with the tragic deaths of three children exiting their school bus in Rochester.

Murphy noted that buses traveling on state highways outside city limits must pick up and drop off on the right side of the bus. There is absolutely no crossing of the highway. This change resulted in one route being modified this year in order to comply with state law.

In regards to the matter of seatbelts on school buses, Murphy reported that preschool children are put into child safety seats but seatbelts are not required on other buses. He touched briefly on the stop arm violations and resulting penalties associated with these violations. He also noted that with young children they use color-coded passes to make sure each child is on the right bus.

Murphy explained that two Dubois County special education buses had been purchased this year and with the addition of another 70 students most buses are at capacity. A question and answer session was held.

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