HHHS presents academic awards

LINCOLN CITY — On  May 21 the Patriot Prize Patrol delivered the academic medals, plaques, trophies and honors medallions to the students who achieved academic excellence for the 2019-20 school year.

Heritage Hills Renaissance, which comprises students and staff who provide activities for incentive, recognition and celebration, developed the idea of the Prize Patrol due to the school being unable to provide its traditional academic rally.

A caravan of numerous staff members combed the North Spencer communities to deliver awards.The awards given included perfect attendance, senior curricular, senior spirit and extracurricular scholar. Teacher Olivia Wilgus was presented a plaque by Principal Nick Alcorn, Assistant Prinicpal Jeff Cochren and Renaissance Club President Zachary Fortune as the student-nominated Teacher of the Year.


Algebra I: Shelby Winkler.

Algebra II: Julia Winkelmann Larios.

Algebra II — Honors: Lanae Canen.

Geometry: Olivia Smith.

Geometry — Honors: Timothy Kyle Eubank.

Quantitative Reasoning: Sara Schepers.

Pre-Calculus: Kyla Peter.

AP Calculus: Madison Detzer.


Introduction to Transportation: Garrett Keller.

Automotive Technology I: Gabe Gogel.

Automotive Technology II: Spencer Vaal.

Introduction to Engineering Design: Liz Gehlhausen.

Principles of Engineering: Nathan Hassfurther.

Civil Engineering and Architecture: Nick Brinkman.

Introduction to Construction: Paul Kern.

Advanced Manufacturing I: Seth Schaefer.


Introduction to Agriculture: Dawson Begle.

Animal Science: Livia Lindsey.

Advanced Life Science — Foods: Luke Rahman.

Power Structure Technology I: Gabe Gogel.

Power Structure Technology II: Nathan Hassfurther.


Biology I: Halle Laswell.

Biology I — Honors: Shelby Winkler.

Anatomy and Physiology I: Sarah Mangin.

Anatomy and Physiology II: Madison Detzer.

Chemistry I: Timothy Kyle Eubank.

Chemistry II: Madison Detzer.

Integrated Chemistry/Physics: Therese Lloveras.

AP Physics I: Owen Rahman.

AP Physics II: Noah Mundy.

Earth and Space Science I: Hope Willard.

Principles of Biomedical Sciences: Lanae Canen.

Human Body Systems: Emma Haefling.

Medical Interventions: Emma Eubank.

Health Science Education: Samantha Gries.

Environmental Science: Dylan Johnson.

Environmental Science Basic Skills: Hannah Schaus.

Business technology

Non departmental

Preparing for College and Careers: Jillian Tretter.

Accounting: Mark Doyle.

Introduction to Computer Science: Liz Gehlhausen.

Computer Science I: Noah Mundy.

Principles of Business Management: Liz Gehlhausen.

Principles of Marketing: J.T. Smallwood.

Business Mathematics: Logan Kersteins.

Work Based Learning Class: Ashlee Rice.

Work Based Learning Internship: Miley Thomas.

Basic Skills Development — Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education On-the-JobTraining: Jacob Beard.

Education Professions: Brittany Crosby.

Social studies

World History and Civilization: Timothy Kyle Eubank.

U.S. History: Rachel Martin.

Psychology: Rachel Martin.

Sociology: Julia Winkelmann Larios.

Economics: Nick Brinkman.

U.S. Government: Ethan Roos.

Current Problems, Issues and Events: Landen Minto.

Health, Physical Education

Physical Education: Gym Caleb Hochgesang.

Physical Education — Pool: Andrew Halvorson.

Physical Education — Elective: Evan Bowling.

Health Education: Olivia Susnjara.

Advanced Health: Claire Cronin.

Physical Education — Basic Skills Development: Jacob Beard.

Fine Arts

Beginning Chorus: Hayleigh Weigand.

Vocal Jazz I: Lucia Yanez.

Vocal Jazz II: Shelby Miller and Zach Fortune.

Intermediate Chorus: Katelyn Davis.

Introduction To Theater Arts: Deasia Darling.

Advanced Theater: Arts Shelby Miller.

Band: Elliott Masterson.

Introduction to Two- and Three-Dimensional Art: Shelby Skelton.

Advanced Two- and Three-Dimensional Art: Grace Gasaway.

Drawing and Painting: Lilly Vance.

Sculpture and Advanced Painting: Abby Kern.

English, Language Arts

English 9: Samantha Cooper.

English 9 — Advanced: Caleb Hochgesang.

English 9 — Honors: Lanae Canen.

English 10: Breanna Hernandez.

English 10 — Advanced: Matayia Sims.

English 10 — Honors: Liz Gehlhausen.

English 11: Josh Dellamuth.

English Literature: Abby Kern.

Technical Communications: Maddie Loper.

Advanced Speech: Jayden Reyes.

AP Language and Composition: Owen Rahman.

AP Literature and Composition: Wes Fleischmann.

Student Publications: Grace Mayhall.

World Language

German I: Shelby Skelton.

German II: Lauren Sisley.

German III: Abigail Ruxer.

Spanish I: Alexa Fleck.

Spanish II: Timothy Kyle Eubank.

Spanish III: Emily Patmore.

Spanish IV: Mallory Tempel.

Senior Curricular

Agriculture: Nathan Hassfurther.

Business Technology: Murray Becher.

English Language Arts: Madison Detzer.

German: Samantha Gries.

Health and Physical Education: Miley Thomas.

Instrumental Music: Jocelyn Keener.

Mathematics: Ethan Roos.

Performing Arts: Zachary Fortune.

Science: Ethan Roos.

Social Studies: Noah Mundy.

Spanish: Madison Detzer.

Technology Education: Noah Mundy.

Visual Arts: Abigail Kern.

Vocal Music: Miranda Keller.

Six-year perfect attendance

Payton Hopster.

One-year perfect attendance

Seniors: Vanesa Auffart, Alex Gehlhausen, Payton Hopster, Miranda Keller, Zachary Kemp and Abigail Kern.

Juniors: Brenden Bryant, Jaxon Foertsch, Graham Gardner, Gabe Gogel, Dylan Hagedorn, Joshua Halvorson, Lindsey Roos, Seth Schaefer and Zachary Tindall.

Sophomores: Liz Gehlhausen, Paul Kern, Anna Phillips, Luke Rickelman, Kort Schaefer and Julia Winkelmann Larios.

Freshmen: Dawson Begle, Elizabeth Bennett, Emma Carpenter, Bridget Flannagan, Andrew Halvorson, Aiden Harris, Allison Hoffman, Grace Phillips, Chloe Schaefer, Patrick Walters and Kailey Warren.

Extracurricular scholars

Murray Becher, Nicholas Brinkman, Madison Detzer, Shelby Miller Zachary Fortune and Ethan Roos.


Seniors: Madison Detzer, Mark Doyle, Shelby Miller and Noah Mundy.

Juniors: Aubree Brown and Jacob Johnson.

Sophomores: Liz Gehlhausen and Emma Haefling.

Freshmen: Olivia Susnajara and Avery Vinson.

Patriot Power

Samantha Cooper, Hailee Jarvis, Daimian Harvey, Myra Jameson, Mason Hobby, Hayley Waninger, Nadia Rodriguez, Abby Kern, Logan Kerstiens and Josh Dellamuth.

Senior Spirit

Madison Detzer and Nicholas Brinkman.

Teacher of the Year

Olivia Wilgus.

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