Heritage Hills announces Academic Award recipients

On Friday, May 21, 2021 the students of Heritage Hills High School celebrated their academic successes of the 2020-2021 school year at the school's annual "Academic Rally".  The awards program, hosted by Patriot Renaissance, was held on the football field. Teacher Corey Mauck and 2020 graduate Zachary Fortune emceed the event. The rally included Minute-to-Win-It Games and music, skits and commentary based on a "Hollywood" theme.

Awards presented are as follows:


Algebra I: Leah Lahee.

Math 10: Abigail Broster.

Algebra II: Karina Perez.

Algebra II Honors: Mia Lawalin. 

Geometry: Kami Mills.

Geometry Honors: Charlie Brentlinger.

Quantitative Reasoning: Josie Raaf.

Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry: Kyle Eubank.

AP Calculus AB: Nevah Barnett.

AP Calculus BC: Eduardo Sandoval. 


Introduction to Transportation: Elliot Rahmn.

Automotive Technology I: Lawson Forler. 

Automotive Technology II: Gabe Gogel. 

Introduction to Engineering Design: Braxton Schaeffer.

Principles of Engineering: Liz Gehlhausen.

Civil Engineering and Architecture: Lilly Vance.

Introduction to Construction: Seth Schaefer.

Advanced Manufacturing I: Wyatt Aubry Adkins. 


Introduction to Agriculture: Boston Schulte.

Animal Science: Kasey Kaetzel.

Advanced Life Science - Foods: Braili Schipp.

Power Structure Technology I: Garrett Keller.

Power Structure Technology II: Gabe Gogel. 


Biology I: Leah Lahee.

Biology I Honors: Mia Lawalin.

Anatomy and Physiology: Kyle Eubank.

Anatomy and Physiology II: Sarah Mangan.

Chemistry I: Emma Day.

Chemistry II: Sarah Mangan.

Integrated Chemistry and Physics: Jillian Tretter.

AP Physics I: Kyle Eubank.

AP Physics C: Grant Gogel.

Earth and Space Science I: Blake Wade. 

Principles of Biomedical Sciences: Jenna McDowell.

Human Body Systems: Lanae Canen.

Medical Interventions: Nevah Barnett.

Applied Environmental Science: Jacob Beard. 

Business and Technology

Preparing for College and Careers: Trent Duncan.

Accounting Fundamentals: Lauren Sisley.

Computer Science I: Owen Rahman.

Computer Science II: Seth Schaefer.

Principles of Business Management: Samantha Crosby.

Introduction to Business: Michelle Darling.

Administrative Office Management: Joseph Steiner. 

Business Mathematics: Jeremy Merkley.

Work Based Learning: Christopher Peter.

Career Exploration/Cooperative Education: Abby Ruxer.

Applied Work Based Learning: Oscar Perez.

Education Professions: Mallory Garrison.

Criminal Justice: Lacey Eaton.

Social Studies

World History and Civilization: Kevin Dilger.

U.S. History: Emma Haefling.

Psychology: Rebekah Gordon.

Sociology: Rebekah Gordon.

Economics: Erik Thomas.

U.S. Government: Adam Guth.

Current Problems, Issues and Events: J.T. Smallwood.

Health, Physical Education

Physical Education - Gym: Trenton Salter.

Physical Education - Pool: Edna Barco.

Elective Physical Education: Jeremy Merkley.

Health and Wellness Education: Bailee Eckert.

Advanced Health Education: Chloe Pate.

Fine Arts

Beginning Chorus: Shelly Pate.

Vocal Jazz I: Kyleigh Collins.

Vocal Jazz II: Grace Gasaway.

Intermediate Chorus: Madison Smith.

Theater Arts: Mia Lawalin.

Advanced Theater Arts: Trenton Hill.

Band: Kailee McClellan.

Introduction to Two- and Three-Dimensional Art: Lanie Guthrie.

Advanced Two- and Three-Dimensional Art: Allison Schipp.

Drawing and Painting: Emmalee Rexing.

Sculpture and Advanced Painting: Lilly Vance.

English, Language Arts

English 9: Jay Little.

English 9 Advanced: Ashley Tapley.

English 9 Honors: Mia Lawalin.

English 10: Abigail Broste. 

English 10 Advanced: Karina Perez.

English 10 Honors: Emma Day.

English 11: Kyla Krutz.

English Literature: Wyatt Koening.

Technical Communications: Madison Smith.

Advanced Speech: Abby Ruxer.

AP Language and Composition: Shelby Skelton.

AP Literature and Composition: Owen Rahman.

Student Media: Josie Raaf.

English/Math I: Jacob Beard. 

English/Math II: Oscar Perez.

World Language

German I: Max Etienne.

German II: Shelby Skelton. 

German III: Lauren Sisley.

German IV: Kyla Peter.

Spanish I: Mia Lawalin.

Spanish II: Emma Haefling.

Spanish III: Daniel Goodrich.

Spanish IV: Nevah Barnett.

Senior Curricular Awards

Agriculture: Gabe Gogel.

Technology Education: Gabe Gogel.

Business Technology: Dylan Hagedorn.

English Language Arts: Lindsey Roos.

German: Jordan Mitchell.

Health and Physical Education: Jacob Johnson.

Instrumental Music: Blake Wade.

Mathematics: Grant Gogel.

Performing Arts: Gina Sinclair.

Social Studies: Rebekah Gordon.

Science: Emily Patmore.

Spanish: Emily Patmore.

Visual Arts: Lilly Vance.

Vocal Music: Therese Lloveras.

Perfect Attendance for One Year

Seniors: Dylan Hagedorn, Joshua Halvorson, Owen Rahman, and Seth Schefer.

Juniors: Braylen Balbach, Liz Gehlhausen, Daniel Goodrich, Paul Kern, Ty Schaefer, Carson Schuler, and Jacob Smallwood.

Sophomores: Marcus Becher, Kayden Bell, Elizabeth Bennett, Dakota Boerste, Brenden Chew, Kyleigh Collins, Bridget Flannagan, Hayden Gogel, Andrew Halvorson, Bryce Hazelip, Caleb Hochgesang, Allison Hoffman, Mia Sanford, and Devin Toy.

Freshmen: Claire Coleman, Seth Deom, Payton Engelbrecht, Heidi Griepenstroh, Dylan Gries, and Braxton Schaefer. 

Patriot Award

Seniors: Aubree Brown, Mallory Garrison, Grace Gasaway, and Sarah Mangin, 

Juniors: Timothy Kyle Eubank and Abigail Wilson.

Sophomores: Jenna McDowell and Xia Peters.

Freshmen: Mia Lawalin and Molly Schneiders.

Teacher of the Year Award

Recipient: Kieth Dossett.

Extra-Curricular Scholar Award

Recipients: Nevah Barnett, Elliott Buechlein, Rebekah Gordon, Adam Guth, Jacob Johnson, and Avery Neff.

Senior Spirit Award

Recipients: Jacob Johnson and Rachel Martin.

Patriot Power Awards

Recipients: Jazmyn Allen, Deasia Michelle Darling, Angie Ibilal, Brayden Foertsch, Robert Gogel, and Jordan Mitchell.

Lincoln Amphitheatre Senior of the Year

Recipient: Grace Gasaway.

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