Here's what they're not telling you about proposed highway

To the editor:

An open letter to INDOT, Mid-States Regional Development Authority, Jasper’s own U.S. Senator Mike Braun and the good people whose homes and lives are potentially affected by the Mid-States Corridor Highway project.

Here’s what they’re not telling you.

Most people who live on one of the five potential corridor routes have a one in five chance they will be affected. However, those who live in the stretch between Interstate 64 and State Road 56 have a three in five chance they will be directly affected since routes M, O and P will all run through that area. It should also be known that Senator Mike Braun’s business, Meyer Distributing, will be most positively impacted by these same three routes which are closest to his corporate headquarters in Jasper.

My home and all but one home on my street are on this combination M, O and P route. As I read through the pages of hard print and online documentation, one thing is clear — the absence of humanity. It’s all about commerce (just like the “time zone” issue was) and the average person be damned. Sadly, even wildlife and ecology have greater importance than the people that will be displaced. They wrongfully assume that everyone has a price and can be bought. We can’t possibly think of our home (not house) in non-financial terms, right? This is the twisted view of those who will never understand.

This country is in the midst of an awakening and a Presidential Administration whose stated purpose is to return the country back to it citizens, “we the people,” and take it out of control of corporate and big business interests. Mike Braun (and Mike Pence) claim to be part of that goal, and yet what we see here, again, is a plan that, for optics (and not very convincing ones), only pretends to consider human beings as the most important impact of the project. They want to displace us for the benefit of commerce and corporate interests. Mike Braun, what happened to your motto that it wasn’t going to be “business as usual” anymore?

—Patricia Crain

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