Here's to hope for the soul of our nation

To the editor:

The magical thinking of progressive socialist Democrats is going to destroy our country if they succeed and take over. Where is the goodness these people exhibit? There isn't any because they don't have any. They are soulless.

The progressives are trying to take over the Democrat Party and turn it into a Socialist/Communist party. Perhaps Democrats should form the moderate/liberal party [they're not soulless] and let the progressives hang out to dry. 

Goodness, the ability to listen to each other and engage each other in respectful and civil manner is what is missing in America. What's missing from America is kindness. It is America's soul that has gone missing.  

The body politic [We The People] have been disturbed and upset by Progressives. The American people are confused and even angry; people no longer can understand right from wrong.  People don't know the simple, basic social, political and economic rules — the rules of our culture.

It is a part of the Progressives history to sow discord within a society and deliberately create confusion and chaos. We need to feel sorry for these lost souls. They are haunted by the craziness we witness in society. They need our prayers.

We also need to root these progressives out of any public office they hold, or any authority that they hold to exert their control over the public. We must show some goodness to these people. Like all other people, they deserve kindness and respect. We must be civil with those persons.

I attended the recent seminar which educated the Dubois County area about the Impeachment process we, you and us, are experiencing. I was impressed with Michael Kendall, Democrat Party chairman, who hosted the event. He was a Democrat who recognized we must be better to each other. All of the panelists recognized the need for civility and that we not take ourselves destructively too serious. It gives me hope for the future; hope for a better life for my children and grandchildren. Hope for the soul of our nation blessed with better angels.

—Michael Lewinski

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