Here's the deal: Stop littering locally

To the editor:

I write this letter on Saturday, August 31. I stepped out my front door to walk down the street and noticed someone had parked their vehicle partially blocking my driveway. I went back inside to get a piece of paper and wrote a short letter to the owner to leave on their windshield thanking them for blocking my driveway. She was coming back to her vehicle as I was leaving the note. Her response was a very polite "Your welcome. I was only there a few minutes." Imagine my surprise when I came back and found the note wadded up and thrown in my front yard. So not knowing how to reach her, I wanted to publicly thank her for throwing her litter in my yard.

Here is a message for anyone concerned about our environment: "Don't preach about Green New Deals and plastic in the ocean. Let's get more local than that. Quit throwing your trash out along our streets and into property owners' yards. Keep a litter bag in your car and throw your trash out in a public garbage can or take it home with you and put it in your own trash."

If you don't litter, it won't end up in our rivers and oceans.

—Vincent Granacher

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