Health dept employees test positive for COVID-19

JASPER — Members of the Dubois County Health Department's staff have tested positive for COVID-19.

"With their permission, we want to inform our community of their ongoing recovery from this highly contagious virus," a county health department press release states. "These employees have been fortunate enough to self-isolate and monitor their symptoms from home and have not required hospitalization at this point."

The department says its staff and their families are a top priority so that the agency can provide for the needs of health care workers and the overall well-being of the general public.

According to the health department, once it was notified by the first positive individual, numerous measures, with guidance from the Indiana State Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, were implemented to minimize the risk of exposure to other employees. These included, enhanced cleaning and sanitizing of high contact surfaces, further social distancing, providing cloth face coverings for employees, and enhancing employees’ capabilities to work from home.

"We are hopeful all these measures will prevent future cases," a press release states.

"Contracting Covid-19 is a risk we take every time we leave our homes for groceries, other essentials and even going to work," the release continues. "You cannot avoid what you cannot see, that is why the stay-home order, social distancing, and good hand hygiene is so important! With perseverance, strength, and support for each other, we will get through this together!"

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