Gust spreads brush ember into grass

From Local Sources

IRELAND — A gust of wind took an ember from a home burn pit east of Ireland and started a small grass fire Thursday.

Units of the Ireland Volunteer Fire Department were called at 5:46 p.m. to the Jason and Megan Barkley residence at 2416 N. 460W, according to Fire Chief Stan Seifert.

Jason Barkley was burning brush in the pit when an ember blew into his yard and ignited the dead tops of grass. Barkley called for a fire department assist as the fire spread to a neighbor’s yard and pine needles there.

Ireland firefighters used the department’s Ranger all-terrain vehicle equipped with a 50-gallon water tank to halt the fire.

A 30-by-75 area burned but there was no damage.

Two trucks and eight firefighters were on the scene 20 minutes. A third truck was told it could return to the station while it was en route.

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