Guardrail saves Porsche from Patoka plunge

Photo courtesy Indiana State Police Jasper Post

From Local Sources

JASPER — A bridge guardrail kept a Porsche from plunging into the Patoka River Saturday, a night when roadways and bridges were icing over.

Michael A. Jones, 71, Jasper, was eastbound on 15th Street in a 2001 Porsche Boxster when the 8:08 p.m. accident occurred on the river bridge east of Cherry Street, according to the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department.

Jones told deputies he had slowed because roadways were becoming slick and he was not going very fast when the lost control of the car on the bridge.

The car spun 180 degrees, striking the guardrail at the midpoint of the bridge.

Because the sports car sat low to the ground, the sheriff’s department said, the Porsche’s front end went under the guardrail. Deputies said the guardrail went over the hood, windshield and roof.

The Porsche stopped off the bridge, held in place by the guardrail resting on its trunk.

Indiana State Police at the Jasper Post posted a picture of the car Saturday night that accompanied a warning to motorists about roadways becoming slick.

Damage was estimated between $25,000 and $50,000.

A Ruxer Ford wrecker assisted.

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