Group seeks Second Amendment sanctuary status


A new Dubois County collective has its sights set on designating Dubois County as a Second Amendment sanctuary, with a broader aim of securing sanctuary status on a statewide level.

Named the Dubois County 2A United Sanctuary Movement, the private Facebook group has boomed to about 800 members in less than three weeks of operation. Kristofer Mundy of Celestine, a movement leader, outlined the assemblage’s first steps in a Tuesday interview.

The growing outfit is now gathering residents to voice support for sanctuary status that would nullify future gun legislation if county officials “felt that it went against the Constitution,” he said.

“One is to send a message,” Mundy said of the group’s goals. “Not only to elected or future elected officials that the Second Amendment is something that is extremely important. But also to let our armed service men and women know that when they go overseas, they’re not just fighting for the rights over there. When they come back home, they need to know that someone is trying to protect those rights here.”

The designation wouldn’t be a law, but instead a local ordinance. So, what exactly does that mean?

“That just means that the sheriff and his deputies, if they find that it’s against the Constitution, they don’t have to enforce it,” Mundy explained.

The designation would also send a message to the state regarding the area’s stance on future gun-related measures, he said. Mundy believes that message could translate to real change if more Hoosier localities band together.

Following the passage of new gun legislation in Virginia, Second Amendment sanctuary city groups have popped up across the nation. Every Indiana county has its own group pushing for sanctuary distinctions, according to a map shared by Mundy. Last month, Jennings County became the first to declare Second Amendment sanctuary status.

“While it’s encouraging to see all these groups starting, I would like to see them converge and try to attack it united,” Mundy said, “instead of individually. Because we’re not going to get very far that way. At least I don’t believe so; maybe I’m wrong.”

Dubois County 2A United Sanctuary Movement representatives have already met with members of the Dubois County Sheriff’s Office. They plan on speaking with the Dubois County Commissioners, possibly as soon as next week. The commissioners are the group that would ultimately approve or deny the county’s sanctuary status.

If they were to deny the movement, Mundy said the group would go door to door to acquire signatures for a petition, and then return to the commissioners.

He said his group is not a platform for people to bash politicians or boast about their guns and toughness. Mundy sees the page as a tool, a place where members can share news related to current events and legislation, and also voice support for their cause.

“If you’re a member, and you believe in the Constitution and the Second Amendment, invite your friends and family,” he said. “Especially those that would believe in it. If you have individuals that you think might be on the fence about it, then ask them to join. If we feel that their intentions aren’t pure, then we’ll have to delete the membership and I’ll address it if that comes.”

The group can be found on Facebook.

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