Letter: Greetings from Pfaffenweiler

Dear friends in Jasper and citizens of Pfaffenweiler:

In these coming days, the second decade of this new millennium is going to end. During conversations with citizens, I hear over and over that the time just flies. Is that really true?

The Roman philosopher and politician Seneca stated, “We all sorely complain of the shortness of time, and yet have much more than we know what to do with.”

I am not sure if Seneca today — at the threshold of 2020 with the changed rhythm of the digitalized world – would have made the same statement.

I am also not sure if he is really right with the insinuation, that we are not utilizing our time. In the end, I am exactly like all of you, always under time pressure because I have to get this and that done. Especially around Christmas time and the end of the year.

I am getting thoughtful, when I ask myself the question, if I really utilize the time for meaningful things. We should keep a "not-to-do" list beside the to-do list so things and activities which we don’t enjoy and which don’t do anything for us, don't rob us of valuable time.

In that direction, I think immediately about negative conversations, negative thoughts, long broodings and long annoyances about the past and much more.

When we all can reduce these negativities in half during 2020, we will all have more time for the wonderful things in life.

With these thoughts, I wish you and your families a blessed and enjoyable Christmas celebration and a very Happy New Year. I thank you all for the many encounters of this past year and I am looking forward to the new 2020.

—Dieter Hahn
Mayor, Pfaffenweiler, Germany

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