Green Storage taps internet for space rental


JASPER — Looking for somewhere to store your boat? What about all that old furniture you aren’t ready to part ways with? Maybe you want to stow away that classic car to shelter it from the impending winter.

Two hundred and thirty self-storage facilities at four Jasper locations recently changed hands, and as Green Storage pushes through its first weeks of operation, leadership believes the ease and convenience of their service will benefit local residents.

And it will do so thanks to the power of the 21st century.

“We’re trying to make it as easy as we can to make it accessible for people,” said Jared Pfaff, who owns Green Storage, Pfaff Properties and Pfaff Construction. “And convenient, and help them out.”

The various-sized units are situated in Jasper off Eversman Drive near Rumbach Avenue, Habig Street, 41st Street and 12th Street. Green Storage bought them from Jasper Properties LLC.

Under Pfaff’s control, the options customers have when it comes to finding and picking their spaces are a little different. Leases can start in traditional ways, like dropping in to the company’s office on Main Street in Ireland, or by calling the office at 827-6229.

What’s new: An online system at allows renters to secure and begin moving into the spaces 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Simon Rojas, project manager at Pfaff Properties, explained that Green Storage aims to upgrade the service for residents with new technology and software. It speeds up the process, allowing customers to hop on their smartphones while at the sites and secure units quickly.

“We’re so happy to get something special, new [and] fresh to Jasper,” Rojas said.

Pfaff recognized that “there’s a market, that people always need storage and a place to put everything.” The opportunity arose to acquire the units from Jasper Properties, and he went for it.

And individuals aren’t the only people who can benefit from the storage space, he said.

“It’s nice for a small business, too, that operates out of their house,” he explained. “But they just need a little bit more room, and they want to get stuff inside. So, we do see some benefit to that.”

The company works on a month-to-month model, with lockers of varying availability ranging in size from 5-by-7 feet to 12-by-40. Tenant protection plans are offered for objects stowed inside the units.

The spaces can be accessed at all hours. Pfaff said local residents want to take care of their belongings, and they have the opportunity to do just that in his units.

“I feel like people in this area take pride in what they have,” Pfaff said. “And they want to protect and take care of it.”

Live animals, perishables, liquids, explosives, flammable fuels, toxic materials and any items that need to be in a controlled environment cannot be stored inside the units.

Readers with questions about the business are encouraged to contact the Green Storage office.

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