Greatness of free enterprise capitalism

To the editor:

Half of the youth in America want to replace Free Enterprise Capitalism with Marxist Socialism. Then the state will wither away into pure Communism. How ignorant can these people be when the world never saw a Socialist or Communist regime endure the test of time?

In an article, Ludwig von Mises explained how the Capitalists of the industrial revolution, first in England and then in the countries of Continental Europe, lifted the masses out of the poverty of Feudalism through mass production. When Capitalist factories in the cities began to draw people away from the farms it was vigorously opposed by the landed class.

Eventually, the government stepped in and provided a stipend to make up the difference between factory wages and farm wages in order to ensure the production of food. In Europe, first in Germany, then elsewhere on the continent, such measures were also taken.

But for some third world countries, mass consumption has erased the distinction between the poor and the middle class. Both classes have televisions, air conditioners, smartphones, automobiles, enough to eat, housing, and many other material possessions. It is only a matter of degree between the classes. Where the poor eat spam, the middle class eats steak and lobster. Where the middle class drives a Cadillac or an Audi, the poor drive clunkers. Both can get from point A to point B.

Socialism and Communism are the antitheses of Free Market Capitalism. Free Markets provide mass consumption, Socialism undermines mass consumption and generates poverty. This has always been the case.

We the People must support the champions of Free Markets – President Trump and other Conservatives like Greg Pence, Jim Banks, and Trey Hollingsworth, and Jim Baird, Jackie Walorski, and Larry Bucshon. In Kentucky, Mitch McConnell, and Rand Paul are good choices as are Mike Braun from Indiana and Ted Cruz from Texas.

With every fiber of your being, we must resist and fight the Progressives who occupy the Democratic Socialists party. We must pray to the Father and Jesus Christ for wisdom in this fight.

—Michael Lewinski

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