Greater Jasper to shift some grades to virtual learning

By Herald Staff

Officials with Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools have decided to shift students in grades eight through 12 to virtual learning starting on Wednesday.

The virtual learning will last through Tuesday, Nov. 24. Regular in-person instruction will resume after Thanksgiving break.

Students in grades pre-K through seven will continue daily, in-person learning.

According to a letter the district sent to parents, students in grades eight through 12 will be expected to virtually attend their regular class periods from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. for direct instruction from their teachers. Students will be expected to login at the start of each period and be an active class participant. Students are responsible for all assignments and assessments as determined by their teachers.

Students who attend CTE classes at other schools will continue to travel to those programs at their scheduled times.

Bus transportation will continue to operate.

School lunch and breakfast will continue to be available to students who wish to participate. Meals will be available for pick up at Jasper High School from 10:30 a.m. to noon daily for students in grades eight through 12. Each daily meal will contain that day’s hot lunch and a breakfast for the next day.

Extracurricular practices may continue with special attention to mitigation protocols as a high priority, the letter states. All scheduled extracurricular events will be limited to the participants and their parents as spectators during this two-week period.

According to the letter, positive COVID-19 cases in the school setting are generally related to outside activities and students' personal choices.

"Unfortunately, a few positive cases can result in a large number of healthy students being excluded due to quarantine requirements," the letter continues. "This brief shift to virtual learning should be a time to focus on class assignments and prioritize the personal choices that will assure our ability to continue in-person instruction and the extra activities that we wish to continue. We can do better!"

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