Grass clippings and stray cats

To the editor:

I have received a few anonymous letters within the past few weeks and decided that the best way to address the concerns of these residents is through a letter to the editor in the local media outlets.

One concern of these residents are the grass clippings that are being thrown out into the street after people mow their yards. I have also noticed this and I am using this method to ask residents to take a few moments to sweep or blow your grass clippings into your yard. Also, the Jasper Street Department picks up yard debris. Call them at 812-482-1130 for the schedule in your area.

Jasper has always been a community full of pride — especially for the beautiful, kept-up yards and homes. People notice this as they drive into and through Jasper. Let’s continue to show that tremendous pride in our community!

The clippings do not look nice — but even more important than that — they should not go down the stormwater drains as these clippings are not good for the storm water system.

Another concern is about the stray cats that are roaming several neighborhoods of our city. If you own cats or dogs (or feed stray ones in your area), please have them spayed or neutered. The Dubois County Humane Society has a few programs for these services and you can find out more information from them at 812-482-7387.

I thank the residents who sent me the letters and hope that they continue to look out for their neighborhoods — and for the way our entire city looks to visitors and to our own citizens.

—Nancy Eckerle
Jasper City Council
Member, At-Large

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