Granny Mani’s pampers the elderly


CELESTINE — Chris Duncan, 57, of Celestine, always liked doing nails, and the senior ladies in the nursing homes where Duncan works love to look at what manicure Chris is wearing when she comes to visit them.


“They’d say, ‘Oh let me look at your nails. I love them. I can’t get out to get mine done anymore. I really miss that,’” Duncan said.

Duncan works full time as a physical therapy assistant for CarDon and Associates, the company that owns Brookside Village in Jasper. Duncan moves between CarDon facilities in Jasper, Paoli and New Albany, and in all of the facilities, she hears ladies wishing they could still get their nails professionally done. That inspired Duncan to start Granny Mani’s, a side business for Duncan that offers in-home manicures and pedicures to the elderly.

To set up Granny Mani’s, Duncan went back to school to become a licensed manicurist. She also got a mobile manicure license, which allows her to offer the in-home service. The licenses set her apart from the volunteers who often come into nursing homes to paint nails for residents, Duncan said. Those volunteers can only paint the nails, Duncan said.

“This is not that,” Duncan said.

Although Duncan does paint nails, she can also trim and clean nails, something the volunteers can’t do for health reasons. Duncan can also do pedicures, and she has the equipment to soak and clean nails, as well as offer a moist heat treatment, which can relieve pain.

Duncan thinks her background in geriatric therapy gives her a leg-up with Granny Mani’s. With a career around geriatrics, she said, there’s nothing Granny Mani’s clients could do that would gross her out or scare her.

“I’m not going to say they can’t surprise me,” she said. “But they’re not going to do something I can’t handle.”

Duncan decided to start Granny Mani’s because of her love for the people she works with and a desire to pamper them. She’s willing to travel throughout southern Indiana for clients, and currently serves several people at a CarDon long-term care facility in New Albany. Her favorite part of working with geriatrics is getting to the residents.

“They have the filters of 2-year-olds, but they’re much wiser,” she said. “They’ve been around longer and will just tell you like it is.”

Duncan charges $20 for a manicure and $25 for a pedicure, plus a $10 travel fee. She can be reached at 812-214-1415.

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