Grammers honored with German Heritage Award

By Herald Staff

Laura and Paul Grammer

JASPER – Sister Cities of Jasper, the Jasper Deutscher Verein, and the Jasper Partnership Commission recognized Paul and Laura Grammer with the German Heritage Award during their annual German Heritage Dinner Thursday.

Since 1999, Sister Cities of Jasper, the Jasper Deutscher Verein, and the Jasper Partnership Commission have celebrated German American Day in Jasper in October and presented the German Heritage Award. The German Heritage Award recognizes individuals or groups that have generously contributed time, talents or resources to maintaining, improving or building upon our German heritage in Dubois County.

Paul and Laura have been members of the Jasper Deutscher Verein for many years and have contributed both time and talent to the club. Laura served four years as the treasurer of the Deutscher Verein and Paul and Laura provided leadership and support in working to run the booths at the Strassenfest.

In 2019, Laura was instrumental in bringing German Heritage to Thursday evenings at the Strassenfest. As one nomination submitted for the award so accurately stated, “Countless hours were spent in planning and practices, and just plain work!” An additional nomination stated, “Laura’s thoughts and dreams, with the support and help of her husband Paul, have been instrumental in in bringing German Heritage back to the Strassenfest opening night and ceremonies. Laura’s efforts to involve youth in our German heritage is sure to pay dividends forward to our mission of preserving, promoting, and celebrating our German Heritage for future generations.”

“Paul and Laura are so worthy of this award," Mary Leah Siegel, president of Sister Cities of Jasper, said during the presentation of the award. "Rarely do you see one without the other, working together, to offer support or lend a hand wherever needed. Their commitment to community, family tradition, and German heritage is simply amazing.”

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