God gave us Trump to rescue us from the brink

To the editor:

In response to a recent accusation-laced letter directed at Trump and submitted by Dan Barrett, the premise that your opinion temporarily aligned with two Fox News contributors only proves that Fox News is truly fair and balance like they claim to be. In fact, Fox News is the only network that wasn’t illegally leaked to by the corrupt Obama holdovers in the DOJ and FBI. Ask yourself why. Integrity perhaps? Sadly, whenever liberals accuse conservatives of something, it is because liberals are guilty of it.

Trump was not groomed from birth (like many politicians) to run for office; so when he speaks with imprecision his opponents deliberately interpret him in the most extreme possible way. Obama, on the other hand, was an eloquent orator and look where that got us (hope and change turned out to be a plan for socialism, communism and ultimate dictatorship). An honest person would never compare Trump’s (alleged) personal failings to Clinton’s law breaking. Trump means what he says and says what he means. He loves his country and its people and he proves it on a daily basis as he withstands the never-ending daggers in his back by the evil constantly trying to take him down. God is a God of Laws; so yes, I’ll choose the man who makes some bad personal choices over the woman who knowingly breaks the law. This country prayed for someone to bring us back from the brink and God gave us an imperfect man with the necessary gifts to do the job. Instead of questioning your Creator, ask yourself these questions if you don’t think the Trump administration is working behind the scenes to clean up the corruption.

Do you remember Trump saying, “Whatever happened to the element of surprise? If so, why is no one talking about the executive order Trump signed on Dec. 21, 2017? What is this EO in preparation for? Why are there over 30,000 sealed indictments waiting for action/arrests when our yearly average is under 2,000? Wake up, America, the show is about to begin!

—Patricia Crain

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