Giesler, Drew compete for county assessor seat


When voters hit the polls this election season, county assessor will be one of the races on their ballots.


The county assessor’s primary duty is overseeing the property assessments that determine how much property owners pay in taxes for the assessment year. Assessors serve four-year terms, and Democrat Angela (Angie) Giesler and Republican Eve Drew are competing for the upcoming term.

Giesler is a Dubois County native who has spent the last 20 years working in the Dubois County Courthouse, the last 12 in the assessor’s office. Giesler also holds the Level III Indiana Assessor-Appraiser certification from the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance, a requirement for county assessors in Indiana.

“I would like people to look at qualifications when casting their votes,” Giesler said. “Your county depends on having qualified people to run.” Giesler decided to run for assessor because she enjoys working in the assessor’s office and finding fair and equitable assessments for property. She also likes working with and for the people of Dubois County. If elected, Giesler said, she doesn’t have any major changes in mind.

“I feel like the office is running very smoothly,” she said. “We meet all our deadlines with the state”

That said, she’s open to changes during her time as assessor if the need comes up.

Giesler lives in Jasper with her husband, Jeffrey E. Giesler. The couple has two children, Leah (Christopher) Birk and Dane Giesler.

Drew moved to Dubois County 15 years ago and currently lives in Jasper. She decided to run for assessor because she’s looking for a way to give back to the community.

“I wanted to do something for the taxpayers,” Drew said.

If elected, Drew wants to look for ways to save the assessor’s office money, particularly by leveraging in-house experience. She’s noticed that assessments and taxes change every couple years, so she’d also like to look for ways to keep taxes stable.

She’s currently working on the classes for the Level III Indiana Assessor-Appraiser certification. She holds a degree in criminal law and thought the tax law necessary to be an assessor would be a good addition to her experience.

This year’s assessor race isn’t the first time Drew has run for public office. In 2010, she ran for recorder on the Republican ticket. She lost to Democrat Becky Gates. Despite the loss, Drew told her friends and family she’d run for office again when the time was right.

She emphasized the importance of voting and hopes everyone will cast a ballot this election season.

“Every vote is important,” Drew said. “Whether you vote for me or not, just please come out and vote.”


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