Board recommends Geiger parking spot removal


HUNTINGBURG — Officials believe that eliminating one parking space on the west side of Geiger Street just north of Fourth Street in Huntingburg will make it easier for traffic to get through and turn at the intersection.

The Huntingburg Board of Public Works & Safety decided Thursday to recommend that change to the Huntingburg Common Council. The council will consider the suggestion at its meeting next week.

With the new Fourth Street design, the northeast corner’s sidewalk is redesigned and extends a little farther out than before. And there are parking spaces on the west side of Geiger just north of Fourth.

If a vehicle is at the intersection and turns to drive north of Geiger, a vehicle that’s southbound on Geiger at the intersection has to scoot to the west to make room, Street Superintendent Jason Stamm explained to the board last month. But if there are cars parked on the west side of Geiger at the intersection, the vehicle does not have room to move over, he said.

Police Chief Art Parks said Thursday that a business owner brought the concern to him, and he shared it with Stamm.

“He was concerned about vehicles making the turns,” Parks said. “With the bump out, that pushes people over. That pushed everything over to the other corner.”

After talking to the architects about the design, Mayor Denny Spinner told the board that Geiger Street is 34 feet wide, which is a little smaller than the typical 36-foot-wide street. “The addition of the planter boxes makes the situation a little tougher.” he said. The planter box extends 9 feet from the curb.

The people living in the house near the parking space were fine with its removal, board member Kerry Blessinger said.

“They were fine, as long as we kept them the one spot ... that they use,” Blessinger said. “I think that keeps the from having to having to swap vehicles around in their driveway.”

Blessinger looked at other intersections in the city and found that many would have the same problem.

“I don’t think this is isolated just to this intersection. I think this is a problem throughout town,” he said. “I don’t think many intersections where any emergency vehicle other than a police car can make a turn. And I bet there are a lot of them like that, even if there is no one parked on either side.”

The council will consider the recommendation at its next meeting, which will be at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 11 on the second floor of City Hall, 508 E. Fourth St.

The public works board also

  • Hired Love Excavating to install storm sewers, curbs and gutters along West First Street 250 feet north and 250 feet south of Long Cove Drive. Of the $258,901 cost, 75% will be covered with Community Crossings funding. This is phase one of the two-phase project to work on First Street from Sycamore Street to Pebble Beach Drive.
  • Learned from Stamm that the road-paving list has started being prioritized. Spinner said that the focus will be on residential areas. At least one road from each district will be done first, with other roads following in the list. In the southwest district, it will be Second Avenue from Geiger Street to U.S. 231. In the southeast district, it will be Cherry Ridge Drive from Cherry Street to Highland Drive. In the northwest district, it will be 20th Street from Leland to Medical Arts drives. Two sections will be done in the northeast district: Eighth Street from Jackson to Van Buren streets, and Clay Street from Eighth Street to Church Avenue. Other roads will be paved as funding allows.

Gave Waste Water Superintendent Brad Coomer permission to seek a quote for tiling the soccer field that sits near the wastewater plant, since the land will not be used for the plant improvements project.

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