Gehlhausens gather for reunion

A family reunion of 85 descendants of Leo and Theresia Gehlhausen gathered on Saturday, Sept. 7. The event was held at the Jasper Outdoor Recreation in Jasper and hosted by the family of Irvin and Mary Agnes Gehlhausen. A hamburger and hot dog dinner with carry-ins was served at 5 p.m. Everyone enjoyed reminiscing and catching up on family events.

Attending the reunion were Mary Lou Gehlhausen, Teresa, Mark, Cody and Gavin Giesler, Julia Thomas, Mark and Theresa Gehlhausen, Nicole and Nathan Smith, Dana, Casey, Kinze and Rhett Reckelhoff, Kathy, Jeff and Kendall Barth, Kirsten Barth with Matt and Rowan Zehr, Eric Barth and Gabby Hoffman; Steve and Rowena Englert, Dave and Karen Englert, Scott and Faith Englert, Mitchell Englert; Frank Reckelhoff, Dave and Sue Reckelhoff, Gerald Reckelhoff and Betty Ponzer, Jenny Reckelhoff, Angie Reckelhoff with Jada, Olivia and Sophia Pickens and Lilly Pulsey, Janet and Stan Welp, Diann and Lenny Verkamp, Kynlee Gress; Brenda and Jim Hildenbrand, Linda Verkamp, Gary and Barb Gehlhausen, Carol Klem; Dorothy Fehribach, Kevin and Tonda Fehribach, Shauna, Andrea and Blake Stetter, Danielle, Calvin and Quinn Rogers, Matthew Fehribach and Nicoli Eggers, Steve Hall, Jessica and Mark Arvin, Noah Martin, Alex, Chris, Mae, and Bethany Arvin, Bryan and Deb Fehribach, Jarrod and Sarah Fehribach, Ariel Page, Keira Fehribach, Denise and John Johnston, Scott and Julie Fehribach; Gene Gehlhausen, Sarah Hoppenjans, Bob Fleck, and Brant and Renli Terwiske.

A guessing game of candy pumpkins in a pretzel mix was won by Shauna Stetter. A large mum was won by Sue Reckelhoff. Small mums were won by Kinze Reckelhoff, Julia Thomas, Jarod Fehribach, Barb Gehlhausen, Nicole Smith, Kevin Fehribach, Janet Welp, Danielle Rogers, Mark Giesler and Jenny Reckelhoff.

The next Gehlhausen reunion will be hosted by the family of Helen and Hilbert Englert.

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