Gehlhausen named GARDENER Award winner

By Herald Staff

Brenda Gehlhausen

JASPER — Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center announced the next recipient of the GARDENER Award is Brenda Gehlhausen, a guest liaison at Memorial Hospital. Gehlhausen is described as compassionate, caring, and religious, often praying for patients.

Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center created the GARDENER Award as a result of the internationally known DAISY Award that recognizes the super-human efforts nurses perform every day. Memorial Hospital is fully aware that it takes an entire team to function as a hospital. This team includes not only the nurses, but also maintenance, billers, therapists, medical records, food service, etc. Every employee is necessary and plays an important role every day. The nurses would not be able to provide the proper care to patients without the appropriate support staff. The GARDENER Award was created to acknowledge incredible support staff that goes above and beyond his/her regular call of duty.

For more information on the GARDENER Award, visit or contact Tammy Billings in Memorial Hospital’s Human Resources Department at 812-996-0154.

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