Free night at the Dubois County Museum

By Herald Staff

JASPER — Free night at the Dubois County Museum will be held again from 5:30 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 30.

After touring, younger visitors will receive a handmade craft to complete at home. The museum volunteers welcome visitors to tour the upper level Room One, which features exhibits of early history, German immigration, religion, schools, sports, military and the new ATHENA exhibit.

A new temporary exhibit on elections has been opening in Room One. Check out the voting machine used in the county beginning around 1968, a sample ballot of candidates used and a large collection of candidate buttons and campaign memorabilia on loan from museum volunteer Joe Shelton. A display case also features some campaign cards from candidates for as far back as 1906. It will be displayed till early November only.

Also, in this area, is an exhibit on women’s suffrage. It collocates the history of that movement and commences with the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote. The Main Street area will also be open this night. Be sure and check out the display cases from the mural area that have been moved into the Main Street area.

The Re-Member Membership Campaign is continuing. New members may purchase a membership that is good till September of 2021. Members will receive a complimentary lidded coffee tumbler with the museum's exhibit gallery logo. Memberships will be available for sale this night.

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