Fort Wayne's fort faces costly repairs from crash

Associated Press

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP) — The replica of Fort Wayne’s early 1800s namesake military post is facing costly repairs after a car crashed into its outer timber wall.

The crash that happened Thursday knocked down the tall timbers making up a corner of the Old Fort’s wall and damaged the baker’s oven built just inside the walls.

“This is the fourth time the fort has been hit by a vehicle,” said Tom Grant, the treasurer of Historic Fort Wayne. “This is absolutely the worst situation we’ve had.”

Grant estimates that it could costs tens of thousands of dollars to make repairs at the replica fort that was first built in the 1970s at the downtown site along the St. Marys River. He said the nonprofit group was seeking donations toward making the repairs.

The car drove over a grassy berm between the nearby street and the fort before hitting the timber wall. The car was abandoned when police officers arrived and the crash was under investigation, police said.

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