Fort Wayne police: Officers fatally shot gunman

By The Associated Press

FORT WAYNE — The Fort Wayne police shot and killed a man in a gun battle Thursday in the city’s second police-action shooting in five days and fourth in just over 10 weeks.

Police initially reported that officers had responded to a report of a young man who was suicidal and armed but later issued a statement saying the man, whose name was not immediately released, was under the influence of drugs and behaving irrationally.

When the first officers arrived on the scene, the man fired shots inside a house, and the officers retreated. Police said the man came out of the house armed with a semi-automatic pistol shooting at them and wildly into the neighborhood as he walked to a car. They say he then drove to a driveway a few houses down, emerged from the vehicle and was shot multiple times by officers.

No one else was injured.

“This was a very rapidly evolving situation,” Police Chief Rusty York said. “The containment of the situation was due to the good tactics of the officers.”

Mayor Tom Henry issued a statement supporting York and the department.

“Our law enforcement officials are doing everything they can to combat challenges that are difficult to address. I recognize we face challenges with guns, gangs, drugs, and mental illness in our community. By working together, my administration, the police department, our neighborhoods, and citizens can overcome these obstacles,” Henry said.

Josh Burnett, who moved into the neighborhood last fall, said he was awakened by the gunfire.

“They were in rapid succession; I knew they were gunshots,” Burnett told The News-Sentinel. “It was pretty unmistakable.

“You think it’s quiet when you move in; you see kids playing and everything,” he said. “It’s a nice neighborhood. . This is just different.”

Department spokeswoman Raquel Foster said the four officers involved in the shooting would be placed on administrative leave in accordance with departmental policy.

On Saturday, officers fatally shot a 19-year-old man wanted on warrants during a foot chase.
Officers on March 20 fatally shot a 45-year-old man during a standoff as he held a 3-year-old child hostage, and on Feb. 20 an officer shot and killed a man who turned a semi-automatic gun on the officer.

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