Former Huntingburg mayor hopes to represent Jasper



JASPER — A former Huntingburg mayor is running for mayor of Jasper.

Marvin Belcher is seeking the Democratic nomination for the seat. He decided to run after speaking with family and friends who encouraged him

“I’m just a blue-collar guy,” he said, “with a modest house in Jasper who wants to make the city a good place for my kids to live and raise their families.”

Belcher, 54, was mayor of Huntingburg for one term, from 2008 to 2011, and decided to not run for a second term because of what he called “dirty politics.”

One of his biggest community-recognized contributions during his four-year term was the creation of the Dubois County Veterans Monument. He added that when he left office, Huntingburg had a budget surplus and fully funded city improvement projects.

He noted that his experience in running a city successfully gives him the advantage in the race for Jasper mayor. He also worked for more than 25 years in municipal government in wastewater management.

He and his wife, Heather, live on the north side of Jasper with their daughter; his two adult children also live in Jasper. The couple has one grandchild.

The Belchers are active in many local organizations. They are members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion, and the Moose Lodge of Jasper. They are also members of the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Huntingburg and manage the facility.

Marvin grew up in Oakland City and attended Wood Memorial High School.

He cited the need for responsible spending of tax dollars on major building projects. He also wants to focus on the upkeep of the city’s infrastructure, such as roads and sewers.

He referred the city’s police and fire departments as “one of our best assets.” He wants to assure the city fully funds both to make sure Jasper maintains its status of one of the best cities to live in the state, he said.

Marvin wants another opportunity to represent the public.

“I have done it,” he said, “lived it and know how it works.”

He will make announcements identifying his campaign manager and staff in the next few days.

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