For The Birds

Photos by Sarah Ann Jump/The Herald
Collin and Brooke Daunhauer hand-fed clovers to their hens Tuesday evening at their home in Ferdinand. The couple recently hosted a Project ACORN workshop in which they encouraged people to raise chickens even if they live within city limits. “It’s so much easier than you think to care for them,” Brooke said. While their five chickens require only a few minutes of care each day, Brooke and Collin spend time with their hens every evening because they find it relaxing. “Sometimes, they’re more entertaining than TV,” Collin said. Seeing so much personality in the chickens was one of the reasons Brooke and Collin stopped eating meat and now maintain plant-based diets.


Each of the Daunhauers' hens typically lay one egg per day.


Collin held a hen as Brooke pet her at their Ferdinand home on Tuesday evening.


Brooke offered a bouquet of clovers to a hen at her Ferdinand home on Tuesday evening.


Collin  made a sign for the chicken coop that featured all of the chicken's names. Rosie turned out to be a rooster and was relocated to a country home.

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