For good governance, put conservatives in office

To the editor:

“It’s not just about winning, it’s about governing,” said a pundit recently. He got that right. If we don’t address deeply ingrained, systemic institutional flaws in our systems, we will end up as a failed, third-world country. We have made many of the same classical mistakes as failed past empires made.

As we can begin to see with “...a deep look into the dark, totalitarian heart of the new ‘progressive’ Democrat Party,” as was described by George Rasley, there is an urgency to oppose and to defeat this party if we are going to allow good governance to happen.

Governance is going to be needed to put off a national bankruptcy. Governance is going to be needed to get off the path of economic suicide set by the Obama Administration. Good governance is enacting tough, hard-to-achieve legislation which is necessary whether or not it is popular. Governance is doing the right thing.

The progressive Democrats promise to repeal the tax cuts and to take back the crumbs, to reinstate job-killing regulations and to obstruct border security, enabling criminals to further harm American citizens.  For good governance and transparency, you need to support conservative candidates like Mike Braun, Mark Layva, Greg Pence, Congressional Representatives Jim Banks and Trey Hollingsworth and State Representative Jim Baird.

These candidates will approve additional tax cuts and spending cuts to further power economic activity and prosperity. They will vote to fund building the wall and to support ICE agents and border patrol agents, as well as revamping our immigration policies that will end chain migration and the lottery system while promoting merit-based migration.

President Trump needs your help if we are going to restore the good governance we deserve as free people. Time is running out to register to vote so you can support these conservative candidates who want protect your freedom, boost your prosperity and secure our safety.

What do you want: Good conservative governance or progressive corruption?

Your vote makes a difference!

—Michael Lewinski

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