Food Inspections: 9/5 - 9/21

These summaries of the Dubois County Health Department’s inspection reports are made public after the restaurants and food stores have had 10 days to respond. Reinspections are at the inspector’s discretion. Violations are corrected on the day of the inspection unless otherwise noted. If you have questions, contact the health department at 812-481-7055.

These reports are from Sept. 5 to 21.


Food service

Arby’s #5392, 3739 N. Newton St., Jasper, one non-critical violation: no light shield observed on light in walk-in freezer.

Baker’s Corner, 11018 E. State Road 56, French Lick, no violations.

China’s Best, 3669 N. Newton St., Jasper: all violations corrected from Aug. 16 and Sept. 4 inspections.

Cookies Around the Clock, 1430 W. State Road 56, Jasper, no violations.

Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie #3335, 708 E. Sixth St., Huntingburg, one non-critical violation: observed some food, dirt and debris in both double-door fridges and on the floor in the kitchen area.

Homestead Pizza LLC, 1510 Main St., Ferdinand, no violations.

Jasper Dog Haus Inc., 155 Second St., Jasper, no violations.

Ohana Hawaiian Grill, 3117 Newton St., Jasper, two critical violations (follow-up inspection from Aug. 23): employees observed not changing gloves and washing hands properly, raw chicken (skewers) observed being stored above ready-to-eat food products; three noncritical violations, dead pests found in dry storage area, scoops in flour and sugar in dry storage area did not contain handles, large hole in dry storage area temporarily fixed with styrofoam. The following violations from inspection on Aug. 23 were observed to have been corrected: 187, 191, 177, 419, 295, 296, 226, 413 and 433; must continue to be maintained, followup necessary for remaining violations.

Other Side of the Fence Farm, 2057 S. 600W, Huntingburg, no violations.

PJ’s BBQ, 2005 Main St., Ferdinand, no violations.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2366, 314 N. Geiger St., Huntingburg, no violations.

Wings, Etc., 3683 N. Newton St., Jasper, okay to operate.

Yamato, 3015 N. Newton St., Jasper, one critical violation (follow-up inspection on Aug. 31): required shell stock identification or accessible way to track the product from place of origin was not observed; two noncritical violations, cardboard observed being used as a contact surface, bulk items removed from original packaging did not have label with common name. Continued pest control throughout the facility highly recommended.


Food stores

Huck’s #350, 555 Hoffman Road, Jasper, two critical violations: all walk-in refrigerator units observed to have dirt and debris accumulated as well as pizza topping table and blue ice cream freezer, ants seen along table where corn dog wrappers are kept; four noncritical violations, ice machine in back of store by walk-in freezer is presenting a significant amount of mold build up, also the soda machine ice dispenser and Icee machine nozzles were observed to have slight mold build-up, walk-in freezer presenting signs of an inconsistent temperature being maintained, lots of frost on foods, floor and on condenser fans, observed employees dumping ice in a handwashing-only sink, noticed mops in several different areas of facility not being hung to dry properly.

Circle A Food Mart #109, 3969 E. State Road 64, St. Anthony, no violations.



Cedar Crest Intermediate School, 4770 S. State Road 162, Huntingburg, no violations.

Holy Trinity East Campus-Holy Family School, 990 Church Ave., Jasper, no violations.

Pine Ridge Elementary School, 4613 S. Pine Ridge Road, Birdseye, no violations.


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