Food Inspections: 7/13 - 8/1


These summaries of the Dubois County Health Department’s inspection reports are made public after the restaurants and food stores have had 10 days to respond. Reinspections are at the inspector’s discretion. Violations are corrected on the day of the inspection unless otherwise noted. If you have questions, contact the health department at 812-481-7055.

These reports are from July 13 through Aug. 1.


Food service

American Legion Post 124, 425 Main St., Ferdinand, no violations.

Azura Restaurant Systems Inc., 198 Third Ave., Jasper, 2 noncritical violations: observed main ice machine with prolonged moisture buildup, noticed large fan and some ceiling air vents with dust and debris in baking area.

Burger King #5280, 3711 Newton St., Jasper, 1 critical violation: sanitizer in three-compartment sink did not register on sanitizer strips (automatic dispenser was not working properly; manager contacted to have maintenance done while he began using sanitizer packets until issue is corrected); 4 noncritical violations, microwave hood heavily soiled, excessive food debris buildup observed throughout establishment, observed excessive grease accumulation on fryer hoods, dead pest accumulation underneath insect control device. Installed smooth and easily cleanable protective divider between hand sink and clean dish area.

Denny’s #377, 3850 Newton St., Jasper (complaint followup resulted in needing a full inspection), 6 critical violations, excessive buildup of food debris throughout establishment as well as dirt, temperatures of cheese items on front cooking lines at approximately 48 degrees, observed cook changing tasks while using the same gloves “handling food, PHF food, cleaning,” clean plates on cooking line contaminated with food particles, front-line food equipment contained excess buildup of food debris, hood and walls of microwave contained food debris, all hand wash sinks contained food and drink items and were being used for tasks other than hand washing; 3 noncritical violations, three-compartment sink observed being used improperly, employee cell phone observed laying on cutting board, cutting boards showed extremely deep scoring.

El Maguey Grill, 3570 N. Newton St., Jasper, 1 critical violation: observed not all of the products being dated throughout the whole facility; 1 noncritical violation, observed three-compartment sink being used as a wash, sanitize and rinse system.

Kelley’s Restaurant & Bar, 6762 E. State Road 164, Celestine, no violations.

Libby’s Gourmet Ice Cream, 605 Main St., Jasper, 2 critical violations: heavy buildup of food and debris on blenders, on the soda station and fruit toppings station, observed leak in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit in the upstairs closet and also in the three-compartment sink downstairs; 3 noncritical violations, noticed food and dirt buildup on the nonfood contact surfaces such as the dip well station on the corners of the floor, and behind equipment and shelves, floor appears to be in need of repair on upper and lower levels of cooking areas, observed Prairie Farm freezer that holds ice cream and topping to be missing panel and gasket.

Mad Batter Bakery, 708 Main St., Jasper, no violations.

Main’s Bakery, 501 N. Washington St., Huntingburg, no violations.

McDonald’s #25169 (Jasper North), 4130 Newton St., Jasper, 1 critical violation, observed employee switching between multiple tasks without washing hands; 3 noncritical violations, soda dispenser in customer area and cappucinno nozzles heavily soiled, hood of microwave heavily soiled, mop found drying in service sink rather than being hung to dry as required.

Papa John’s Pizza, 425 U.S. 231, Jasper, 2 noncritical violations: excessive buildup of mold on ceilings of multiple storage rooms, mops found on floor rather than being hung to dry.

Rally’s #9658, 368 U.S. 231 S, Jasper, 2 criticals: observed severe amounts of dirt and debris throughout the facility, heavy buildup of food, dirt, mold and ice accumulation on all fridge and freezer units in the kitchen; 2 noncritical violations, noticed mops not being hung to dry, large area of wall falling apart on outside of office.

Robears Pizza, 3561 Newton St., Jasper, no violations.

Villa Pizzeria, 124 Third Ave., Jasper, 5 critical violations: observed employee using incorrect hand washing procedures (used a reusable, common towel for drying, did not wash hands for at least 20 seconds), observed cleaning supplies being stored next to food contact surfaces, items in reach-in cooler were not date marked, large mixer bowl (food contact surface) was extremely chipped and not easily cleanable; cover to fan in walk-in and reach-in cooler observed to be heavily soiled, air vents throughout establishment observed to be very soiled, excessive buildup of flour near drain in the mixng area; 3 noncritical violations, broken tiles near three-compartment sink (owner has ordered replacement tiles), seals on walk-in cooler and drink cooler observed to be in very poor condition, not sealing properly, establishment contained many times that were unnecessary to the operation and not being used.






Food stores

Big Lots #254, 195 S. U.S. 231, Jasper, no violations.

Casey’s General Store #2385, no violations.

Circle A Food Mart #107, 6661 E. St. Mary St., Celestine, 1 critical violation: shelled eggs stored above RTE food items in front case; 3 noncritical violations, excessive buildup of mold on Snapple drink cooler, dirt and debris buildup on fans in walk-in and reach-in coolers throughout establishment, walls of walk-in showed buildup of dust, three-compartment sink not being used properly (not sanitizing).

Circle A Food Mart #113, 1540 Main St., Ferdinand, 1 critical violation: observed cleaning supplies being stored next to food and on food contact surfaces.

Circle A Food Mart #114, 460 Main St., Ferdinand, 2 critical violations: single service food contact items found being stored on the floor, hand wash sink being used for procedures other than hand washing; 1 noncritical violation, deep scoring in cutting boards on hot serving line.

Circle S Mart #32, 301 S. Main St., Huntingburg, no violations.

Dollar General Store #18995, 106 S. Main St., Huntingburg, no violations.

Ferdinand Processing Inc., 1182 E. Fifth St., Ferdinand, no violations; inservice deli department.

Holiday Foods #3, 1815 Main St., Ferdinand, 5 noncritical violations: observed hand washing sink in produce department being used for other purposes; chicken being stored in the meat department’s walk-in fridge appears to be stored less than 6 inches from the floor; observed three-compartment sink in meat department being used incorrectly (three-compartmet sinks should be used to wash, rinse and sanitize); bakery walk-in fridge has severe dust buildup presenting a possible contamination to the incovered product that is proofing; observed multiple areas within the facility with ceiling tile issues.

Jasper City Mill, 160 Third Ave., Jasper, no violations.

Mor For Less, 103 N. Main St., Huntingburg, no violations.

Sander Catering, 5322 E. State Road 164, Jasper, 1 noncritical violation: buildup of dust and debris on fan in walk-in freezer unit.

Spud’s Food Mart, 4953 State Road 56, Jasper, 2 critical violations: hand wash sink observed to have dirty dishes and cans in the bottom of it, hot dogs observed at approximately 112 degrees (staff discarded them and turned up temperature); 2 noncritical violations, boxes of J-cups observed being stored directly on floor, fans in walk-in cooler extremely coated in dust and debris.

Subway/Bounds Enterprises Inc., 609 N. Main St., Huntingburg, no violations.

Sure Stay Plus, 951 Wernsing Road, Jasper, no violations.

The Whistle Stop LLC, State Road 145, Birdseye, haven’t started serving food yet. Another inspection will be done; certified food manager is needed by Sept. 29.


Golf clubs

Sultan’s Run Golf Club LLC, 1490 N. Meridian Road, Jasper, no violations.

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