Food Inspections: 6/11 - 6/18

These summaries of the Dubois County Health Department’s inspection reports are made public after the restaurants and food stores have had 10 days to respond. Reinspections are at the inspector’s discretion. Violations are corrected on the day of the inspection unless otherwise noted. If you have questions, contact the health department at 812-481-7055.

These reports are from June 11 through 18.

Food service

Barnyard Bar-B-Q Catering LLC, 6720 W. 450N, Jasper, no violations.

Bungalow Bar, 1263 W. 1100S, Ferdinand, no violations.

China Wok, 317 E. Fourth St., Huntingburg, four critical violations: food in all refrigerators and freezers found without dates, refrigerators very soiled with food debris, food found to be uncovered in multiple places throughout establishment, observed employee handling food items after handling phone or money without washing hands in between; five noncritical violations, food in all refrigerators and freezers found without labels, cardboard found as shelving in walk-in, mop observed not being hung to dry, recessive grease and food accumulation throughout entire establishment, multiple units found not having any temperature measuring device.

El Campesino Mexican Restaurant, 314 Newton St., Jasper, one critical violation: multiple foods found without lids/not being covered; four noncritical observations, observed three-compartment sink not being used correctly, cutting boards found to be heavily scored, observed foods without labels in freezer/fridge; whole food establishment to have accumulation of grease and food debris.

Headquarters Inc., 201 Main St., Jasper, two critical violations: observed raw ground beef sitting on top of breaded raw pork, accumulation of dirt, debris, food and grease in kitchen areas; one noncritical violation, observed a few items not being dated.

Hispana America LLC, 421 1/2 E. Fourth St., Huntingburg, no violations.

Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant, 375 S. U.S. 231, Jasper, five critical violations: multiple food products stored directly on floor in walk-in and not covered, ready-to-eat foods being stored in a manner that allows contamination in walk-in and small freezer near back door, establishment observed accumulating large amounts of grease, food and dirt debris, PHF observed without dates throughout retail food establishment, food on buffet not hot, observed to be approximately 90 degrees; two noncritical violations, poor condition of ceiling tiles, floor tiles, and so forth, cardboard on floor of walk-in.

Klub Haus 61, 2031 Newton St., Jasper, four noncritical violations: dirt and grease buildup in the kitchen on the floors and trash cans as well as under oil buckets and range top, seals on walk-in fridge falling apart, also need thermometers, dirt and food buildup noticed in all of the freezer and fridge units, noticed food being stored on the floor of walk-in freezer and dry storage.

Mama T’s Italian Eatery, 320 E. Fourth St., Huntingburg, one noncritical violation: food items (utensils) found in designated hand washing sink.

McDonald’s 5349 (Jasper South), 450 U.S. 231 S., Jasper, three-compartment sink observed not being used as intended, mops observed not being hung to dry, significant buildup on dispensers throughout front line, water buildup near three-compartment sink/dishwashing machine.

Pizza Hut No. 316302, 520 S. U.S. 231, Jasper, one noncritical violation: water accumulation/mold underneath drink station on front line.

Rally’s No. 9658, 368 U.S. 231 S., Jasper, four critical violations: observed employees doing several different jobs without washing their hands and without changing their gloves, noticed severe dirt, food, debris and grease accumulation throughout whole facility, found food without lids and being stored on floor, soft-serve machine and other fridge and freezer units showing signs of mold, dirt and food buildup; two noncritical violations, prep fridge gaskets and door lining falling off and collecting food debris, ceiling panel above smoothie station appears to be falling apart.

Schnitz Brewery & Pub, 2031 Newton St., Suite A, Jasper, one noncritical violation: seals on refrigeration units in kitchen area are becoming lose and are in need of repair.

Westside Dairy Queen & OJ, 606 W. Sixth St., Jasper, two noncritical violations: observed employee food being stored with store product, noticed mold and food buildup in gaskets of soft serve machines.

Young Men’s Institute Council No. 497, 421 N. Van Buren St., Huntingburg, two noncritical violations: plastic lining on bottom shelves to be dirty, also double door oven has buildup, observed some things being dated but not all.

Food stores

Circle A Food Mart No. 106, 1 E. State Road 64, Birdseye, one noncritical violation: meat in deep freeze had been removed from original packages and did not have dates.

Hometown IGA No. 450, 750 Second St., Jasper, six noncritical violations: significant food and grease buildup in bakery kitchen on floors, broken tiles behind three-compartment sink in bakery, three-compartment sink observed not being used properly, large accumulation of dead pests near wall containing three-compartment sink in bakery, multiple mops observed not being hung to dry, observed employee storing food in a manner that can cause contamination.

Jasper Gift Basket & Popcorn Co., 1524 Newton St., Jasper, no violations.

Schwan’s Home Service Inc., 2436 E. National Highway, Washington, no violations.

Schwoeppe’s BBQ, 2828 W. 1100S, Huntingburg, no violations.

Spud Country Market LLC, 4172 W. 180N, Jasper, no violations.


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