Food Inspections 12/5 - 12/21

These summaries of the Dubois County Health Department’s inspection reports are made public after the restaurants and food stores have had 10 days to respond. Reinspections are at the inspector’s discretion. Violations are corrected on the day of the inspection unless otherwise noted. If you have questions, contact the health department at 812-481-7055.

These reports are from Dec. 5 to Dec. 21.


Food service

American Legion Post 147, 1220 Newton St., Jasper, no violations.

Bread & Butter Inc., 617 Main St., Jasper, no violations.

Buffalo Wings and Rings, 1910 Hospitality Drive, Jasper, two noncritical violations: entrance hand wash sinks not reaching proper temp (100 degrees F), observed an accumulation on dust on air vents throughout establishment.

Bungalow Bar, 1263 W. 1100 S., Ferdinand, no violations.

Butchie’s Western Saloon & Family Restaurant, 5353 E. Main St., Dubois: one critical violation, observed cheese and chili without dates.

China Wok, 317 E. Fourth St., Huntingburg, four critical violations: hand sink observed being used for processes other than handwashing, mold observed growing in walk-in and ceiling by walk-in, shellstock identification not available, food observed being stored without covers; five noncritical violations, multiple food items throughout establishment not labeled properly, broken floor tiles in back near walk-in, cardboard observed being used as a contact surface on bottom shelves throughout establishment, observed cans being reused for storage of food items, observed food being stored without covers, personal employee items observed being stored in a manner that could cause contamination.

Westside Dairy Queen & OJ, 606 W. Sixth St., Jasper, no violations.

Deb’s Truck Stop, four critical violations: observed prolonged dirt, food, grease and debris in overall kitchen area; equipment, such as fridges, freezers, grill and stove presenting buildup; date-marking system throughout facility not seen, staff personal items observed stored in the food prep area.

Domino’s Pizza, 410 U.S. 231, Jasper, one critical violation: observed personal item in food preparation area; personal items should be stored away from prep area.

Eastown Recreation Center Inc., 1370 Crossroads Ave., Jasper, one critical violation: ready-to-eat items not correctly date marked.

Latin Cuba Restaurant, 314 Newton St., Jasper, okay to operate.

El Rinconcito LLC, 600 E. Sixth St., Huntingburg, one critical violation: observed packaged cheeses and pastries without dates.

The Corner Bar & Grill (Garrs LLC), 4492 N. Fourth St., Dubois, no violations.

The Great Wall, 272 Brucke Strasse, Jasper, no violations.

Happy Hour Sports Bar and Grill, 6679 E. State Road 164, Celestine, no violations.

Hispana America LLC, 421 1/2 E. Fourth St., Huntingburg, three critical violations: several items without dates: pastries, fish and beef steaks; hand-washing sink had dirty dishes in it; noticed some food items in the back of store on the floor. T noncritical violations, fish in display has no information as well as meat products; meat slicer appears to have food buildup.

Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant, 375 S. U.S. Hwy. 231, Jasper, eight critical violations, buffet food items not held at proper temperature (hot and spicy chicken, 118 degrees F, chicken on a stick, 115 degrees F), food items throughout establishment observed without proper date-marking, raw food items being stored above ready-to-eat food items in walk-in, cans observed being used as storage containers, reach-in fridge contained mold buildup, grease and food debris accumulation throughout establishment, food observed uncovered in walk-in, food items observed being stored directly on the floor in walk-in, cardboard observed being used in walk-in as a food contact surface.

Jasper Moose Lodge #1175, 2507 Newton St., Jasper, one noncritical violation: accumulation of dead pests in back of establishment.

Jasper Shoney’s, 25 Indiana St., Jasper, one noncritical violation: dirt and debris buildup observed on vents in back kitchen area, mold growth observed on ceiling tiles.

Klub Haus 61, 2013 Newton St., Jasper, two noncritical violations: walk-in fridge door gasket is damaged; cardboard being used in four-door fridge, replace with nonabsorbent material.

Mama T’s Italian Eatery, 320 E. Fourth St., Huntingburg, no violations.

McDonald’s #5349 (Jasper South), 450 Hwy 231 S., Jasper, one noncritical violation: food debris and grease buildup throughout establishment, mold buildup on soda dispensers in lobby.

Merkley and Sons Inc., 3994 W. 180N, Jasper, no violations.

Mill House of Jasper Inc., 1340 Mill St., Jasper, two critical violations: items in refrigeration units observed without proper date-marking, chicken tenders cooked for hot holding (temperature of 97 degrees F); one noncritical violation, observed multiple reach-in refrigeration units without temperature-measuring devices.

Monte’s Pizza, 4951 State Road 56, Jasper, no violations.

Oasis Bar and Grill, 935 Main St., Ferdinand, two critical violations: raw chicken stored over beef and pizza in reach-in refrigeration unit (eggs stored over RTE food items), multiple PHF items not having proper date-marking; five noncritical violations, single-service food contact items observed being stored directly on floor, scoops for food items did not have handle, refrigeration units operating without temperature measuring devices, broken window not sealed properly, accumulation of grease throughout establishment, vents in all refrigeration units and beer cooler had dust accumulation.

Pizza Hut #316302, 520 S. U.S. Hwy. 231, Jasper, no violations.

Pizza Hut #316854, 701 N. Main St., Huntingburg, one noncritical violation: floors in walk-in fridge and freezer observed to have dirt and debris, also under equipment.

Ron’s Place, 504 N. Van Buren St., Huntingburg, one noncritical violation: kitchen floor appears to be in need of repair; owner has arrangements to get fixed in a couple of weeks.

Schnitz Brewery & Pub, 2031 Newton St., Suite A, Jasper, 2031 Newton St., Suite A, Jasper, no violations.

Snaps, 1115 Main St., Jasper, 1115 Main St., Jasper, no violations.

St. Benedict’s Brew Works, 860 E. 10th St., Ferdinand, no violations.


Food stores

Barnyard Bar-B-Q Catering LLC, 6720 W. 450N, Jasper, no violations.

Betty’s Daughter Catering, 1210 Jackson St., Jasper, no violations.

Dutch Mart-Blesch Sales and Services Inc., 402 E. Main St., Holland, no violations.

Catering By Meyer, 6655 S. Old State Road 162, Huntingburg, no violations.

Casey’s General Store #3504, 2245 Main St., Ferdinand, no violations.

Chuckles/Shell Food Mart #20, 620 W. Sixth St., Jasper, two noncritical violations: two-door fridge behind counter observed missing a temperature-measuring device; hand-washing sink for employees measured at 82 degrees F, needs to reach at least 100 degrees F.

Circle “A” Food Mart #106, 1 E. State Road 64, Birdseye, one noncritical violation: food wrappers observed being stored below chemicals like motor oil.

Circle “A” Food Mart #107, 6661 E. St. Mary St., Celestine, one critical violation: mold growth on walls of walk-in cooler and drink racks, dust accumulation on fans in drink racks.

Circle “S” Mart #33, 850 Main St., Ferdinand, one critical violation: ready-to-eat sandwiches did not have dates; one noncritical violation: observed buildup of dirt debris on drink racks in reach-in coolers.

Dollar Tree #01349, 3601 Newton St., Unit 101, Jasper, no violations.

Hometown IGA #450, 750 Second St., Jasper, one critical violation: accumulation of grease and dirt in deli area, fans in deli walk-in had an accumulation of mold and dust; four noncritical violations, three-compartment sink observed not being used correctly, temperature-measuring devices in deli cases observed not working correctly, hand-wash sink in meat department not equipped with soap and paper towels, produce department fridge not equipped with light shields.

Jasper Community Arts, 951 College Ave., Jasper, no violations.

Jasper Gift Basket & Popcorn Co., 1524 Newton St., Jasper, no violations.

Kalb’s Crossroads Service, 5130 E. Highway 56, Dubois, no violations.

Krodel Vending, 1250 Wernsing Road, Jasper, 1250 Wernsing Road, Jasper, one noncritical violation: observed some food, dirt and debris underneath metro shelving units.

Midwest Café & Market, 1102 Newton St., Jasper, no violations.

Nicholson Valley Grocery, 10191 E. State Road 56, Dubois, no violations.

Quality Inn, 406 E. 22nd St., Huntingburg, no violations.

Ruler #261, 155 E. 30th St., Jasper, no violations.

Sander Processing, 6614 E. State Road 164, Celestine, no violations.

Schnitzelbank Catering, 409 Third Ave., Jasper, one critical violation: observed food being stored directly on the floor throughout the facility; one noncritical violation: bottom shelves of food prep table observed to have an accumulation of dirt and debris.

Sternberg 24-N-More, 1781 U.S. 231 S., Jasper, one noncritical violation: vents in walk-in cooler observed having dirt and debris, microwave soiled with food debris, general cleaning of facility in kitchen area.

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