Food Inspections: 1/19 - 2/13

These summaries of the Dubois County Health Department’s inspection reports are made public after the restaurants and food stores have had 10 days to respond. Reinspections are at the inspector’s discretion. Violations are corrected on the day of the inspection unless otherwise noted. If you have questions, contact the health department at 812-481-7055.

These reports are from Jan. 19 through Feb. 13.

Food service

Arnie’s Tavern, 4469 S. Ohio St., St. Anthony, one noncritical violation: cardboard is being used to cover basement floor prep area and fridge shelves.

Azura Restaurant Systems Inc., 198 Third Ave., Jasper, one noncritical violation: ice machine observed to have moisture buildup, recommend regular cleaning of this machine to prevent the mold buildup.

Brick Oven Pizza, 420 E. Sixth St., Jasper, no violations.

Badblood LLC dba Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches, 608 W. Sixth St., Jasper, OK to operate.

Chicken Place LLC, 4970 W. State Road 56, Jasper, two noncritical violations: dust accumulation on fans in reach-in kitchen, dust/debris accumulation in beer cooler in bar area.

China Garden, 75 Industrial Park Road, Suite B, Ferdinand, two critical violations: raw food items being stored over ready-to-eat items throughout establishment, and food items not covered and improper date-marking throughout establishment; two noncritical violations: cardboard observed being used as surface material in walk-ins and reach-in refrigerators, mold and food debris observed in walk-in and reach-in refrigeration units.

Denny’s #377, 3850 Newton St., Jasper, one critical violation: observed improper holding temperatures (chicken, cheese and cottage cheese at 50 degrees F.); one noncritical violation: observed food/dirt debris throughout establishment (nonfood contact surfaces).

Dairy Queen Grill & Chill, 1404 N. Main St., Huntingburg, one critical violation: food, dirt and grease buildup in non-food contact areas in kitchen; one noncritical violation: protective shield missing from light fixture in prep/dish area.

El Maguey Grill, 3570 N. Newton St., Jasper, no violations.

Fehribach Stop Inn Inc., 314 13th St., Huntingburg, one noncritical violation: severe grease buildup on flat-top exhaust hood.

Fleig’s Café, 905 Main St., Ferdinand, one noncritical violation: observed buildup on nozzles of drink machine in bar area.

Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie #3335, 708 E. Sixth St., Huntingburg, no violations.

Happy Hour Bakery, 914 S. Celestine Road S., Schnellville, OK to operate.

Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant, 375 S. U.S. 231, Jasper, one critical violation: grease and food accumulation observed throughout establishment; three noncritical violations: chicken on a stick reaching temp of 105 degrees F, cardboard observed being used as a contact surface, back screen door observed not closing properly.

New Super Buffet, 3920 N. Newton St., Jasper, two critical violations: multiple food items observed without date-marking through establishment, food items observed without proper lids/covers throughout establishment.

Mac-A-Doos & Out of Bounds, 1163 Wernsing Road, Jasper: two noncritical violations: meat products being stored without labels or dates in double-door fridge; buildup of dirt, food and debris in kitchen area.

Memorial Hospital, 800 W. Ninth St., Jasper, OK to operate.

Mi Jalisco, 239 Baden Strasse, Jasper, no violations.

Orange Leaf, 3085 Newton St., Jasper, no violations.

Smalley Coffee, 2955 Newton St., Jasper, no violations.

Rally’s #9658, 368 U.S. 231 S., Jasper, three noncritical violations: dirt and debris buildup throughout establishment, dust buildup on fans in walk-in, dust buildup on walls/ceiling near ice machine.

Robears Pizza, 3561 Newton St., Jasper, no violations.

The Rock Bar & Grill, 4997 W. State Road 56, Ireland, one critical violation: observed buildup of food, grease and debris in kitchen facility (example: floors, prep tables, topping tables and shelves).

Tres Agaves Mexican Grill, 1935 Main St., Ferdinand, no violations.

Villa Pizzeria, 124 Third Ave., Jasper, four critical violations: did not observe a dating system throughout the facility; raw sausage being stored with ready-to-eat meats; observed all refrigeration units to have food, dirt and debris buildup; kitchen area and equipment presenting heavy food and dirt accumulation, as well as floors, hoods, walls, shelves and prep tables. Five noncritical violations: product that has been removed from original packaging has no labeling to identify where it came from or what it is, multiple pieces of broken and dirty equipment throughout kitchen area, single-use items being stored directly on the floor (pizza boxes, cups), industrial can opener has built-up food and dirt and the blade might need to be replaced, ice machine seen to have moisture buildup resulting in mold buildup.

The Whistle Stop LLC, State Road 145, Birdseye, two critical violations: facility has no certified food handler, ready-to-eat foods being prepared without use of gloves.

Winfield West Bed and Breakfast, 325 W. Sixth St., Jasper, no violations.

Food stores

Circle A Food Mart #105, 1402 Newton St., Jasper, one noncritical violation: hole in ceiling tile, as well as some dirt and dust buildup on the vents in the kitchen area.

Circle A Food Mart #111, 1921 Lube Way, Jasper, one critical violation: observed prolonged food, dirt and debris buildup in kitchen. One noncritical violation: noticed that not all florescent tubes in prep and kitchen area have shatter-resistant coverings.

Circle A Food Mart #113, 1540 Main St., Ferdinand, no violations.

Circle A Food Mart #114, 460 Main St., Ferdinand, three noncritical violations: dust buildup on walls, ceiling and drink racks in walk-in; dead pests found near cold drink refrigeration unit; buildup of debris and mold on/around nozzles of cream machine.

Circle A Food Mart #115, 7136 N. U.S. 231, Jasper, no violations.

Dollar General Store #2743, 671 Third Ave., Jasper, one critical violation: several dented cans of food on various food shelves; one noncritical violation; dairy double-door refrigerator showing signs of food and mold buildup, also other articles not for retail being stored in fridge.

Huck’s #286, 230 Third Ave., Jasper, three critical violations: several ready-to-eat items without dates; refrigeration units in kitchen area as well as floor shelves have built-up food, grease and debris; expired ready-to-eat products out for sale.

Spuds Food Mart, 4953 State Road 56, Jasper, one noncritical violation: observed buildup of debris and dust on racks, bottoms and walls of drinks and reach-in freezer near soda station.

Ticklebelly Hill LLC (Fueled-Strength Meals), 2690 S. St. Anthony Road W., Huntingburg, no violations.


Fifth Street Elementary School, 401 W. Fifth St., Jasper, no violations.

Holland Elementary School, 408 N. Meridian St., Holland, no violations.

Holy Trinity Central Campus (Precious Blood), 1385 W. Sixth St., Jasper, no violations.

Holy Trinity Central Campus (Holy Family), 990 Church Ave., Jasper, no violations.

Huntingburg Elementary School, 501 W. Sunset Drive, no violations.

Ireland Elementary School, 4940 W. South St., Jasper, no violations.

Jasper High School, 1600 St. Charles St., Jasper, no violations.

Jasper Middle School, 3600 Portersville Road, Jasper, no violations.

Southridge High School, 1110 S. Main St., Huntingburg, no violations.

Southridge Middle School, 1110 S. Main St., Huntingburg, no violations.

Tenth Street Elementary School, 328 W. 10th St., Jasper, no violations.

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