Follow Jesus' example and speak no evil

To the editor:

As we usher in the new year, we can pray for a more civil and kinder year than the one we just left. I have a feeling, however, that won't be the case. With progressive Democrats taking charge of the House of Representatives, their resist and obstruct campaign is going to go into high gear.

Now, President Trump and his conservative coalition is going to have to run a resist and obstruct defense, and a bold offense to advance our agenda. While all of the trouble will be coming from the House, we can block it in the Senate and defeat it with Trump vetoes.

What will be more difficult will be advancing his and the conservative agenda. It will only be with determination and patience that we will get the funding to build the wall from a Democratic led House. I believe we are going to see a lot of vetoes before he gets the funding. You must be communicating to the White House that you are with him 100 percent to keep the government shut down until he gets his wall funding.

You will also need to contact Senator Mike Braun and tell him to insert other agenda items into different pieces of legislation that President Trump can veto until we can get decent legislation passed. Let him know you will be standing behind him.

This is going to be a turbulent two years until we take back the House by getting rid of the progressive Democrats and replacing them with constitutional conservative Republicans who believe in small government promoting prosperity, freedom, national sovereignty and religious liberty.

While we may not experience a more civil and kinder environment, you can be responsible for not contributing to it. Follow Jesus' example. Speak no evil. Encourage others to follow your example. Treat your fellow man with respect  and kindness. You have to keep up the good cheer, and pray to God and ask Him to bless America as we repent for sins, begin to follow His laws again, and begin by behaving as Jesus has taught us to behave. 

—Micheal J. Lewinski

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