Firefighters respond to possible vehicle fire

From Local Sources

JASPER — Units of the Jasper Volunteer Fire Department responded Friday morning to the report of a possible vehicle fire in the 1300 block of Leopold St.

There was no fire associated with the 9:14 a.m. callout, according to Fire Chief Kenny Hochgesang, although there was smoke coming from a vehicle’s door panel.

Thomas Nelson, the owner of the 2005 Ford Taurus, was working in the area and had locked his keys in the car, according to the chief. He had sprayed ether on the door lock, which is thought to have resulted in the smoke.

A firefighter used tools to open the door so firefighters could remove the door panel and ensure there was no fire, according to Hochgesang. The battery was also disconnected while the issue was addressed.

Damage to the door panel area was minimal and estimated at $200 by the fire department.

One truck and 20 firefighters were on the scene 20 minutes.

The previous day, at 11:58 a.m. Thursday, the department responded to an alarm activation at Jasper Engines and Transmissions, 1220 Power Drive.

Rain was falling at the time — Jasper recorded 2.51 inches of rain this week — and precipitation was determined to have triggered the alarm.

Two trucks and 23 firefighters were on the scene 10 minutes.

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