Firefighters log apartment complex, business runs

From Local Sources

JASPER — Members of the Jasper Volunteer Fire Department who responded to a business fire during the weekend were called to the report of smoke at an apartment complex this morning.

Today’s 6:47 a.m. callout to the Sunset Apartments, 675 Giesler Road, involved someone who had left their unit with eggs boiling on the stove, according to Fire Chief Kenny Hochgesang.

“They popped,” the chief said concerning the over-cooked eggs.

Smoke was spotted coming from the kitchen but damage was limited to that smoke and repairs that will be needed to the apartment’s door after the first-arriving firefighter forced entry to turn off the stove.

Firefighters ventilated the unit with exhaust fans before leaving.

Five trucks and 26 firefighters were on the scene 20 minutes.

The department had been called at 3:07 p.m. Saturday to the former Paul’s Custom shop at 585 Wernsing Road where Boogie Tunes’ Kurt Englert was keeping equipment for the DJ business, according to Hochgesang.

The chief said Boogie Tunes was entertaining at the St. Anthony Street Fest that day but Englert had to leave St. Anthony and go to the Wernsing Road building where some batteries were on charge. Englert then discovered a fire was starting behind a wall and called in the alarm.

Firefighters opened the wall and extinguished the fire.

Hochgesang it was fortuitous Englert had to go to the scene because a Wernsing Road bridge project meant there was basically no traffic passing the structure.

“That was a good find, for sure,” the chief said.

Damage from the fire believed to have been electrical in nature was estimated at $35,000.

Four trucks and 17 firefighters were on the scene for just over an hour.

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