Firefighters extinguish grass fire

From Local Sources

PORTERSVILLE — The Ireland Volunteer Fire Department logged a short run Saturday afternoon, extinguishing a grass fire at a property west of the Portersville area.

Units were called at 12:31 p.m. to the Jamison and Jennifer Clark property at 7094 N. 800W, Otwell.

Fire Chief Stan Seifert said wind spread flames from a controlled brush fire to grass that ignited.

A firefighter who lives nearby was first on the scene and used a leaf blower to halt the fire’s spread, according to Seifert. In fact, he added, the fire that spread to about one-quarter acre was all but out when a fire truck arrived to douse the area.

One truck and 18 firefighters were on the scene 15 minutes with an additional two trucks on standby.

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