Firefighters called to JMS teacher lounge

From Local Sources

JASPER — Units of the Jasper Volunteer Fire Department responded Tuesday afternoon when multiple alarms activated at Jasper Middle School, 3600 N. Portersville Road.

Fire Chief Kenny Hochgesang said there was smoke associated with the 1:08 p.m. callout. It was traced to the teacher lounge.

Hochgesang said the lounge had an island counter with a glass-topped stove in it. Plastic totes had been placed on the island and one of them contacted a burner’s knob, turning it on high.

The fire chief said a strainer with a rubber coating that was on the burner smoked and triggered alarms.

“The alarm system definitely helped them,” Hochgesang said after learning staff grabbed towels to remove the strainer from the range top.

Firefighters used a fan in the lounge to pull in some fresh air.

Damage was limited to the range top and a heat shield above the stove, according to Hochgesang.

Five trucks and 28 firefighters were on the scene 15 minutes.

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