Firefighters address smoldering silage

From Local Sources

HAYSVILLE — Units of the Haysville Volunteer Fire Department ventured into southern Martin County Wednesday when dry silage was found smoking in a concrete bin.

The 4:44 p.m. run sent the department to the Keeven Neukam farm at 2041 Hoffman Road, east of U.S. 231, according to Fire Chief John Fuhrman.

Neukam was unloading the dry silage to feed cattle and discovered the problem.

Fuhrman said the issue was thought to be electrical in nature. An electric cord runs up through the interior of the silo and it possibly shorted and sparked.

Firefighters climbed to an access door that had burned to spray water and then removed smoldering silage.

Neukam will need to get the silo’s electric checked and replace a feeder belt that was melted by hot silage, according to Fuhrman.

There were no injuries.

Four trucks and 12 firefighters were on the scene for an hour.

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