Fighting, spitting leads to arrest

From Local Sources

GLEZEN — A rural Pike County couple was arrested late Friday night after a domestic dispute at their Oatsville Road trailer west of Glezen.

Pike County Sheriff’s Department deputies were called at 11:20 p.m. to the home of 22-year-old Joshua McCandless and 25-year-old Megan McKendry on Oatsville Road, which is also known as Pike County Road 125S.

McKendry told police that, during an argument, McCandless had spit in her face. She said she had shoved McCandless and he had grabbed her and pinned her down on a chair.

Police said McKendry had visible bruising.

McCandless, who had been ordered to the ground outside the trailer, was placed in handcuffs. He told police that McKendry had slapped him in the face and also spit in his face. He admitted grabbing McKendry and forcefully slamming her down onto the chair, according to police. McCandless said his father broke up the physical dispute.

Police said McCandless has scratches across the right side of his face.

McCandless’ father told police he had been staying with the couple to help with their problems and help take care of his grandchildren. The elder McCandless was in the living room and heard the pair arguing in their bedroom. The elder McCandless said their bedroom door came open and Megan began yelling about Joshua spitting on her and then Megan slapped Joshua, knocking off his glasses, then spit in Joshua’s face. Joshua then grabbed Megan and slammed her into a chair, the elder McCandless said.

McCandless’ father said he had to pull his son off McKendry.

Police said a juvenile daughter was asleep in the back of the trailer and did not witness the altercation.

McCandless and McKendry were arrested and booked into the Pike County Jail on charges of domestic battery and battery by bodily fluid. McCandless, who has a prior conviction for domestic battery, was also charged with invasion of privacy, according to police.

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