Fifth-grader sets school record for reading points

Photos by Sarah Ann Jump/The Herald
Ireland Elementary fifth-grader Adonica Meyer stands to be recognized by her classmates during the school's Accelerated Reader awards celebration on Friday. Adonica recently broke the school's all-time record for AR points. She dressed as Leopold, a talking cat from the "The Books of Elsewhere" series, for a book character day. 


IRELAND — Ireland Elementary fifth-grader Adonica Meyer learned that being a bookworm pays off.

During an Accelerated Reader awards celebration on Friday, the school gifted Meyer a Kindle for reaching 2,000 AR points this year, an all-time school record.

“I was really shocked,” Meyer said.

In Accelerated Reader, students read books at their level and take online quizzes to earn points. Librarian Susan Gossett said most students average 300 to 500 points per year, with most of the students on the leaderboard earning between 700 and 800. The second highest score, which Meyer unseated, was 1,582.

“We just felt like 2,000 points in a year was too big an accomplishment not make a big deal out of,” Gossett said.

The accomplishment was certainly a big deal to Meyer. Last year, as a fourth-grader, she made it her goal to beat 1,582 points, but fell short, earning 1,572. This year, she returned determined to make it to the top. She read over the summer and took quizzes. She figures she’s read 255 books since the end of last school year.

“I usually read a book a day,” Meyer said.

They’re not small books, either. Gossett said Meyer typically checks out books between 200 and 400 pages. Meyer’s favorite genre is fantasy, and her favorite books are “The Books of Elsewhere” series by Jacqueline West and “Harry Potter” by J.K. Rowling. Her favorite Harry Potter book is “Order of the Phoenix,” the longest of the seven-book series with 870 pages.   

If 870 pages seems too daunting to you, Meyer understands. But she still thinks you should read.

“Everyone should read at least one book,” she said. “It helps calm you, and it’s just fun.”

Ireland Elementary fifth-grader Adonica Meyer hugs her grandfather, Roland Merrill of Jasper, who surprised her by attending the AR awards celebration at the school on Friday. 

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