Fierce storm winds bring damage

Photo courtesy Jasper Volunteer Fire Department
Power lines along West 36th Street in Jasper show the effects from a Wednesday night storm that had winds clocked at 59.9 mph.

From Local Sources

Straight-line winds approaching 60 mph that accompanied a Wednesday night storm front resulted in dozens of reports of weather-related damage and widespread power outages.

Dubois Rural Electric Cooperative Manager of Operations Pat Lichlyter said the worst of the damage was in the Otwell, Ireland and St. Anthony areas but trees are down all over.

Lichlyter said Dubois REC had 1,800 members in Dubois and Crawford counties without power after the 9:30 p.m. storm event. That number was down to 40 before 8 a.m. today and the hope was that the crews that have been working non-stop would have most if not all outages repaired by noon.

Most of the outages resulted when trees blew over, said Lichlyter, who knew of at least seven poles that were broken.

A resident living near the Bretzville Junction questioned if there was a possible tornado. He said his property just east of the junction was a mess with front porch posts ripped out and siding torn off.

Dubois County Emergency Management Director Tammy Humbert said that and other damage was from straight-line winds.

A weather station on Shiloh Lane on Jasper’s west side clocked a wind gust at 59.9 mph at 9:44 p.m. Other weather stations reporting to the EMA office had gusts of 55 mph at Schnellville, 52.6 mph on 44th Street and Portersville Road and 51 mph in Ireland. The Dubois County Airport had a gust clocked at 49 mph at 9:50 p.m.

Police, firefighters and utility crews in the county spent Wednesday night getting trees and debris cleared from roadways and addressing snapped and low-hanging lines.

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