Fiber optic internet coming to St. Henry


ST. HENRY — Come next year, St. Henry will have fiber optic internet service.

Sitco Wireless of Evansville plans to install 43 miles of underground fiber lines to connect the community to its service.

“We are taking an area that the people don’t have another provider and provide service there,” said Todd Mosby, spokesman for Sitco. “We specifically go to areas like that because we want to make sure anyone has this kind of service like everyone else.”

Sitco shared its plan with the Dubois County Commissioners last week. The commissioners were supportive of the project, saying that they’ve heard numerous complaints from people in the St. Henry area about having slow internet service. The area does not have fiber optic internet service, Mosby said.

The coverage area would include the county line to the south, since the service lines would stem from the lines at Dale’s industrial park just south of I-64, the Huntingburg Airport to the north, near Ferdinand to the east and just west of U.S. 231.

Once completed, the St. Henry area will have available to them what Sitco calls Gigahome BB, or broadband. The service will include 1 gigabyte of download speed and a television signal that will allow more than 140 channels. The company will also offer internet telephone service, since “about 30 percent of the households still have a landline,” Mosby said.

The service will be comparable to what Smithville is installing in Jasper, he said.

“We don’t go where there is another provider, or two or three providers already,” Mosby said. “We’d rather not be fighting other companies for customers.”

Plans for providing fiber to St. Henry residents have been in the works for almost a year.

“We’ve been putting fiber in at Richland and Dale” in Spencer County, Mosby explained. “We were contacted by some people in St. Henry because they found out about the work we were doing there (in Spencer County).”

A town-hall-style meeting was held last winter at the St. Henry Community Club. “We thought there would be a couple dozen people who would come,” Mosby said. “We were shocked when over 200 people showed up. That’s when we knew there was a great enough interest.”

The installation work will start as soon as possible, though Mosby couldn’t provide a specific timeline. “There are factors that come into play before we can dig and put lines and conduits in,” he said.

Sitco received permission from the Dubois County Commissioners last week to bury fiber in the rights of way along some county roads.

All of Sitco’s lines will be underground. The company also has to alert Indiana 811 to let that agency know where the company will be digging. Mosby did not say how much the installation will cost.

As Sitco builds the network, the company will connect people to the service. Of the 360 households that will have access, 218 have already indicated that they want the service, Mosby said.

Information about the service can be found on the company’s “Gigahome INC St. Henry” Facebook page or by contacting Sitco at 877-540-GIGA or

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