Ferdinand street ordinance could limit parking


FERDINAND — Parking restrictions could soon come to a handful of Ferdinand side streets.

Earlier this month, Ferdinand Town Council members discussed an ordinance that would limit parking to one side on certain roads. Through the ordinance, “No Parking” signs would be put up on the west side of Kimberly Court, the south side of Caesars Court, the west and north sides of Ridgeway Court, the west side of Robin Drive, the south side of Cardinal Drive and the south side of Meadowlark Lane.

The move is aimed at ensuring that emergency responders can make their way to homes. Road congestion can hinder ambulances and fire trucks, and the streets targeted in the ordinance can become crowded sometimes.

“We’ve had this discussion before in other parts of town,” Ken Sicard, president of the Ferdinand Town Council, said in a Tuesday phone interview. “And we’re trying to set [it] up so that we don’t end up with people parking on both sides of the road.”

Sicard explained that the changes sparked from a conversation between Town Attorney Sharon Bohnenkemper and Tom Lueken — the town’s property and street department superintendent — regarding the updating of Ferdinand’s “no parking” areas.

“From time to time, things like this kind of step up, and all of the sudden we realized we’ve missed them in the past,” Sicard said. “And we go through and address them. So that’s what we’re trying to do — is get caught up now for that area that was added in a number of years back. We just never got around to updating our street ordinances and what not.”

A vote on the ordinance was tabled until the council’s next meeting. That gathering is set to take place at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 20, at the Ferdinand Community Center, 1710 Community Drive.

Readers are encouraged to contact town council members or Town Manager Chris James if they’d like to discuss the proposed ordinance. They can also speak at the meeting.

In addition to securing a path for emergency responders, the parking restrictions will also help with traffic flow in and around the areas listed above, Sicard said.

He understands that residents might be upset or have questions about the ordinance.

But he stressed that town decision-makers are proposing it for a reason.

“This is a consensus decision reached by our chief of police and our property and street department superintendent,” Sicard said. “They go through and they’re not trying to play favorites. They’re just trying to make sure that the streets are going to stay open.”

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