Ferdinand recycling site gets upgrades


FERDINAND — Improvements have been made to the Ferdinand recycling site to keep up with how much the site is being used.

The site, at 9781 S. Ferdinand Road NW, has been expanded and a compactor and large-item dumpster has been added.

“It’s made a nice improvement to that area,” County Highway Supervisor Steve Berg said. “We had to plan and work for a while to get the approval from the land owner to do the upgrades and make this all happen. They were willing to help us out there.”

Last summer, dirt was hauled in to make the recycling center larger.

“It just wasn’t big enough,” Berg said. “That site is located in a curve, so it’s somewhat dangerous anyway. What this has done is made the site a lot longer. So, once a line [of vehicles] does develop, people are able to get off of the road and not have to sit in the roadway and wait to get in.”

A compactor was added recently and started being used late last week. A compactor is able to compress items, like trash, so that the items take up less space.

“That would give us the extra holding capacity,” Berg said. “Before, there were 14 containers that held household trash. And I know we were hauling at least two rounds of trash out of there a week.”

Since there is now a compactor, some of the containers that held bags of household trash are being used to hold recyclables. “We knew we could use another three or four boxes just to hold all the cardboard that’s coming in,” Berg said.

A large-item dumpster has also been added to the site. It will be available to the public starting at 10 a.m. Monday.

“That is for items that would normally not fit in a bag,” Berg said, “household items like mattresses, sofas, chairs, those types of things.”

The only other large-item dumpster is at the process center. Adding another collection box will hopefully encourage people to not dump those items illegally.

“We’d see large items like mattresses thrown out on the road. Since we’ve had that [dumpster] there at the process center, that has gotten better,” Berg said. “I thought it would help having another box in another area of the county.”

The cost to put an item in the large-item dumpster at the Ferdinand site is $12, or eight trash stickers if a person has those. Because of COVID-19, attendants are not selling stickers. Instead, a cash bucket is available to deposit the payment. And people will have to put the items in the dumpster themselves.

“Our people [at the sites] are not in the condition to be able to help offload skids or anything like that,” Berg said.

Only household residential items can be put in the dumpster. People cannot deposit construction debris, appliances that at one time came with a power cord, or recyclable items in the dumpster. Also, no items can be left outside of it when it is full.

The site also has new fencing and gates. Concrete pads have also been added for the compactor and a new oil shed.

The Ferdinand site is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays and from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays.

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